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Pretty, huh.

So we’ve been having really gorgeous weather here this week. I’ve said in the past that December has the best weather of the entire year for south Texas. Bright, blue, sunny skies. No clouds. 65-70 degrees. Slight breezes. And sunshine out the wazoo. So hubby and I were feeling restless and adventurous yesterday (read bored and in need of entertaining) so we went to lunch and then skipped out to do some gator spotting on some company land (read a waterway that is infested with gators)

They are out en masse sunning themselves, and who could blame them? It was such a perfect day. Here’s just a couple of pics from the many, many we saw while we were out “working.” *snicker* :lol2:

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And here’s a really big one!

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Fun huh? :banana:

One thought on “Pretty, huh.”

  1. Michelle says:

    A LOT of fun. And what ‘work’ were you supposedly doing, huh?

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