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Possibly the bestest week ever!

I love weeks like this. Warm fuzzies abound. Lots of pink elephants :elephant:

Sweet Surrender was the five heart sweetheart over at The Romance Studio.

Also at The Romance Studio, the CAPA awards were given yesterday and For Her Pleasure won for best erotic contemporary romance.

I also learned that For Her Pleasure has gone back to press twice :whoo: My readers are awesome and I owe every bit of my warm fuzzy news to them.

And tonight at the ARE awards, I snagged an award for best author for 2007 (There were ten authors honored) and Brazen was honored as the top book for 2007 (10 were honored in this category as well)

It was a terrific end to a splendiferous week of news :weee:

6 thoughts on “Possibly the bestest week ever!”

  1. cathy M says:

    That is so awesome, Maya, and totally deserved. Congratulations!!! I’d say this calls for cake.:cheer:

  2. Valerie Tibbs says:

    Yay Maya! It was fun to be there with you last night at the ARe awards. It was a fantastic book! Congrats!

    Champagne and cake!!!

    :whoo: :woot:

  3. Caffey says:

    Beautiful news Maya!!! I’m excited too! You deserve it. Keep believing!

  4. judie stewart says:


    Thats why I like for you to write so much! Keep up the great work and I am waiting for Sweet Surrender, I reserved it Borders ok!:whoo::woot:

  5. Maya says:

    Thanks you guys! :hug:

  6. Holly says:

    :kneel: I have a bottle of champagne chilling!

    You are awesome!

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