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Well the UFC was awesome until the last fight. Bleh. I hate to say it, Chuck, but man, you might have seen your last day in the sun. :oops:

I’ve been fighting some kind of serious funk and it’s about to kick my ass. Monday was dentist day. The dentist, knowing how tense I was about the impending root canal, gives me xanax and tells me to take it an hour before my appt and have my husband drive me. Whoa. I remember taking the kids to school. I remember coming home and taking the medicine. I vaguely remember my husband driving me somewhere….the rest of the day? Can’t remember a thing.

Since then I’ve felt like crap. I go to bed early (rare) I get up and slog around, take the kids to school then crawl back into bed. Yesterday, I took a two hour nap then tried to sit up to do some work and I seriously couldn’t even hold my head up. I felt like I’d just pulled a three nighter or something.

Still tired today and now I’m wonderin if my annual bout of mono is here, just a bit early. (I usually come down with it in November, however, last year, it visited me in October)

I have work to do. I have a proposal that’s due like Monday. I have two projects due at by the end of November. The only good news in all of this is that I am DONE with edits for quite some time. My Berkley copy edits are done, I just finished line edits for Long Road Home and my December release has already been edited. So I have several months before I have to dive back into that pond. :banana:

So writing. That’s all I have to do. Well for now. I’ve conveniently pushed aside all the promo crap that I have coming up. I just need to get this :cursesign: proposal done because it’s killing me. :sack: :writersblock:

3 thoughts on “Pffftttt”

  1. Woohoo! I’m edit-free for the forseeable future, too! Is it not awesome? :weee:

  2. Maya says:

    Yessss! Man I love not having the edits for a good while. I love writing. I do not like editing. Im impatient and you have to slow down for edits and it bugs me :nunchuk:

    And I finished the proposal from hell so man, I’m currently riding high. Don’t even know what to do with myself, I’m so giddy :lol2:

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