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Ok so I'm still ready for that vacation

but I’m actually approaching a point when I can take it guilt free! I’m set to finish Be With Me TODAY. :whoo:

I pounded out 8000 words yesterday and I only have three scenes to write today, two shorter ones and one longer one. Unfortunately I can’t sit and write uninterrupted because I have my daughter’s Christmas party at 10:45, early release for all three kids at 1:00, and a hair appointment at 5:00.

So it’ll be writing in fits and starts today but Im hoping to type THE END tonight before I go to bed.

This has been a mammoth book in the making!

I’ll be squeeing just as soon as I type that last word. :banana:

One thought on “Ok so I'm still ready for that vacation”

  1. cathy M says:

    Congrats on your mongo writing session.:cheer:

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