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Oh lots of stuff to talk about

No Place to Run released this week. A huge thank you to those of you who’ve already bought and read it. You guys are so fast! And I hope those of you who are buying later will enjoy it!

There are lots of updates to the website this week as well. FInally an excerpt to Colters’ Daughter yay! AND I’m SO excited because not only do I finally have blurbs for my Scottish historicals that release next fall, but I also got new titles as well! I didn’t like the old ones and the reaction to them was pretty tepid. But I’m so very happy with the blurbs and the titles now. The blurbs are just gorgeous. Gorgeous! I’m so afraid now the books won’t live up to the wonderful back cover copy hehe.

But the new titles are In Bed with the Highlander, Seduction of a Highland Lass and Never Love a Highlander. You can check out the blurbs on my coming soon page! And please do let me know what you think :)

Hubby and I went couch shopping tonight. Now the thing is, we just moved into this house a year ago. In fact this very time LAST year we were furniture shopping and I picked out TWO couches for our living room. So why were we shopping for another couch?

Because my children are wallowers.

Seriously. The problem is the couch that my husband and I sit on in the evening… Well it’s a large deep couch. I sit on one end and I work. He sits on the other. I sorta stretch out and put my feet on him. Sometimes he’ll lay toward me. Sounds perfect right?

Well, back to the wallowing.

My children refuse to sit on the OTHER couch. It’s going completely to waste. No, they have to sit with mama and daddy. Or ON us I should say. My two youngest pile on the couch and then wallow all over us as they snuggle and wallow and make their place ON us lol. Cute huh?

So I told my husband we simply have to get a bigger couch to replace BOTH couches so that everyone can sit (and wallow) together because right now it’s just not comfortable because while the couch is PERFECT for me and hubby, it is NOT perfect for 4-5 people.

So we went couch shopping and I brought the kids and made everyone sit and wallow on it to make sure we’d all have room and be comfortable. I think the saleslady thought we were insane, but hey, she got a sale out of it!

I’ll have to post a pic of the dogpile when we get the new couch…

14 thoughts on “Oh lots of stuff to talk about”

  1. Sarah says:

    My kids (and dogs) for the matter are the same way. We’ve even gone as far as buying the kids their own comfy chairs, but alas, they crave the close contact.
    By the way No Place to Run was AMAZING. Although, I fear your books are doing my marriage harm- as soon as I was done reading it I looked at my husband and was tempted to smack him for lacking in the romance department. :)

  2. Allie says:

    I have one dog that prefers the cool floor. The other dog will not settle unless he is on something soft like a chair or a couch, partly because he needs support for laying upside down with all 4 paws in the air. :)

    Love the blurbs for the historicals. I can’t wait to read those. I’m waiting for Saturday to read No Place to Run. I need a long stretch of uninterrupted time. :)

  3. sharon says:

    Just finished Sam and Sophie’s book a half hour ago! Loved it! They don’t *quite* replace Ethan and Rachel in my heart, but I’ve totally enjoyed their fast-paced suspense! (But of course, since I fell in love with Ethan and Rachel first…well, they’ll be hard to surpass!)

    I can’t wait for Garrett’s book and I am super excited for when you announce who will follow Garrett! I really liked the deeper glances into the Kelly clan as well as seeing a new side to Rusty. :)

    Thanks for a great read!

  4. Sharon S says:

    Hi Maya,
    Just finished reading No Place to Run. LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to read Garrett’s story. All I can say is “phew” regarding Mom and Dad Kelly!!!! Are stories in the future for Sean and Rusty?

    So excited about Colter’s Daughter. I adore the Colter family and am looking forward to Callie’s story.

    And who could forget Connor Malone’s story! Also looking forward to reading Sweet Possession!!

    Thanks for writing such amazing stories.

  5. Terri says:

    Funny we have not children, but we do have a dog. As you, we have our couch my husband sits on one end I the other. So we have two other couch’s that one sits on. Our dog will not sit with us but lounge all over the other two couch’s, which would be fine but we could make at least two new dogs from all the dog hair he leaves. I don’t know what we were thinking buying three couches for two people.
    Also I love the new book, I do not want it to end.

  6. Leagh Christensen says:

    Haha, funny story! I have the same problem. I find myself sitting in a single chair so I don’t have kids and animals on top of me and that just turns out more uncomfotable because they still sit on me. I think we are gonna get a sectional cause they are huge :)

  7. trish dechant says:

    LOL at your story re: the “Wallow Couch”…you have the same problem as I do. Our couch isn’t very old. Maybe 4-5 years. It’s brown leather and very squishy…and VERY WORN OUT! My kids don’t sit…and never have. They wallow….and poke their knees in it as they jump on hubby and me…They (the kids) can’t stand to see us snuggling and “necking”…they have to get into the fray and be right in the middle. I swear, if we were trying to get pregnant now–it would NEVER HAPPEN….
    I refuse to buy another couch until maybe the year 2020…LOL…..when they “mature” enough to leave us alone and stay off the couch.
    p.s….the way you and your hubby cuddle when you work is so damn cute!

  8. mbot565 says:

    Love the blurbs & titles. Glad to know you get the right couch.

  9. Anita McCaskey says:

    I read NPTR in less than a day. VERY GOOD. Loved Sam and can’t wait for Garrett!! You mentioned on Lorelei’s site you are contracted up to 6 books, that Rio was #5, but who’s #4, Van?

    I really love the smack talk between the brothers, too.

    Thank again for a wonderful escape!


  10. Maya says:

    Anita, I THINK RIo will be #5 ;) Big THINK there. I haven’t decided. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I have everything cemented. I can tell you that Van is NOT #4

  11. Teresa says:

    Hi Maya,

    Just finished reading ‘No place to run’ and loved
    it just as much if not more than your first! So
    excited that you are going to do Garrett and Rio
    they touch my heart so much! I have read all your
    books and am a great fan….love the special ops,
    navy seals etc story lines. Brockmanns ‘Troubleshooters’
    were really great…can you recommend any others that
    follow your style of writing?? Thanks so much for
    giving me a chance to talk to you and looking forward
    to March!


  12. Congrats on No Place to Run. I’m saving it for my holiday reading :)

    I’ve been anticipating your Highland Historicals ever since you first mentioned them. I’m a total highland junkie and can’t wait to read them. I love that it is about three brothers and thought the blurbs were great. I’d certainly buy them after reading that on the backcover. The titles on the other hand are somewhat ordinary and so very like all of the other highland novels out there that I don’t know if they are good enough for your books. On one hand it will be sure to let anyone looking at them what they are about, but on the other hand makes me think they will be just like any other highland historical…not necessarily one of YOUR novels. It certainly won’t hurt your sales though so I guess that’s good!

    I’m so glad all is going so well for you, and enjoy the new couch!!

  13. Kim says:

    I have a KOBO can I get the Softly at Sunrise book for my kobo or does it have to be only for a kindle?

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