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Off to Houston

I SO don’t wanna go :crying: I hate driving through Houston. I hate wasting an entire day driving there and back for a doctors appointment. I’d much rather be working. And I was an idiot. I should have scheduled my appointment for NEXTweek. Then I could go to Borders and fondle my book. Which means I’ll have to make another trip soon…

Hope everyone has a good day! I’m off for a session in defensive driving. :cursesign:

2 thoughts on “Off to Houston”

  1. Ali says:

    It’s not all bad in Houston…I live here :whoo: Hope your trip goes well :cheer:

  2. Holly says:

    :whoo: Have fun, hee hee. If I wasn’t headed to Little Rock in a few weeks I would try to convince hubby that you needed help fondling your book at Borders ;) I’d even get you a smoothy to celebrate :hug:

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