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Nagging cough

I’ve managed to crawl out of bed :worthy: But I still have this nagging cough that’s driving me crazy. It’s not a productive cough which is worse to me. I hate the dry ones with the slight irritation and tickle at the back of my throat. Ugh.

Writing. I’m still working on Songbird. It’s going. Slowly but going. If I can hit a certain point, the rest will go rather quickly but getting there is kind of like slogging through the mud :fainting:

Just a few more days until Amber Eyes releases! This one has totally slipped up on me. I swear this whole year has been a blur so far…

4 thoughts on “Nagging cough”

  1. Angela H. says:

    I am buying Golden Eyes today so I can read it this weekend for when Amber Eyes releases.. Thank you for all your hard work you are by far one of my favorite writers. Have a great weekend we got practice tonight and tomorrow so hopefully the weather will hold

  2. Brandy W says:

    Amber Eyes was really good Maya. I was thrilled that I won it and read it the day you sent it to me.

    I hear ya on the cough. :passedout:

  3. Maddie says:

    My Mom (southern woman) used to make us a hot toddy made with Hot Tea Honey and Brandy and would put us right to sleep and we would wake up all better.:whoo::elephant:

    Hope you feel better Maya

  4. Karin says:

    I know what you mean about the nagging cough. I have one myself that just doesn’t want to go away. I hope you get better soon!

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