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My marriage nearly ended

over the *^$&@#$ Ebookwise I got for Christmas. :cursesign:

Sweet Jesus, WHY must everything be so complicated?

Someone could make a bloody killing if they’d make an updated ebook reader (you know with current memory capability, current technology and a non proprietary format)

Hubby and I both have cursed a blue streak and decided ebooks are of the devil plain and simple.

3 thoughts on “My marriage nearly ended”

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m actually on my second ebookwise and although it’s time consuming to convert the ebooks to WORD doc and then upload to the reader – they then read just fine. It’s the cheapest way to go and does the job for me. I’ve been reading from them for two years now. I bought a third one for when the second one craps out! I did try the Sony reader (first edition model) and hated it. It was slow and NOT worth the inflated pricing. Now Amazon has the Kindle but I think the price is just too high. I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on ebooks so far (two years time) and someone should be giving me a free reader! There just isn’t much out there and I’ve made do with ebookwise but it is rather clunky.
    I too; wish someone would come out with a modern ebook reader – something easy to use, has big fonts if one needs them, and does fast uploads – of pdf documents too.

  2. Kelly says:

    Maya–Contact me about this. I had one hell of a time with my ebook reader. I don’t really have it mastered but I can help. First of all, you have to download the geb librarian by Steve Breen. I have all kinds of converters. I know it is a pain but it is the only way to get this ebook reader to run right. I usually buy MS reader books and convert them to HTML and download them if it doesn’t already conver them to .imp. Honest to God, I just do not think this should have to be so hard. Rocket Ebook just had a way of loading right on to the ebook reader. The DMR is a pain in the butt too. It just makes it so hard to read on the reader. I can help you with this if you tell me what is going on. I bought a 1200 on ebay and was ready to fling the damned thing until someone helped me so I would like to help you if I can. Kelly

  3. Maya says:

    LOL I don’t feel so bad now for cursing a blue streak over this.

    All my ebooks are in LIT format. I did the convert lit thing and then ran them through the librarian software from ebookwise and for the most part they work fine (after hours of cursing and lots of blaspheme)

    I did encounter some weirdness with some LIT books I bought through fictionwise. When I ran THOSE books through the convert program, it separated out each individual chapter into its own file instead of one big file. Grrrrr. No idea why because I did it no differently than all the other LIT files and they worked just fine.

    What I can’t figure out is why Microsoft hasn’t come out with a reader. I’d be all over that.

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