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More fun!

Here is Micah’s cover, Sweet Temptation. If any of you are MAC users and the cover, specifically the title, looks really blurry to you drop me a comment and let me know? Thanks!

5 thoughts on “More fun!”

  1. Midnight says:

    :elephant: holy sh*t, that cover is hott. DAMN!!! Can’t wait …


  2. Midnight says:

    now that i look at it, the title and the text above your name on the cover is blurry, but I am not a mac user …

    (sorry didn’t read what you wrote on the blog)


  3. Michelle Kelly says:

    That is a beautiful cover Maya. Can’t wait.

  4. michelle lane says:

    that a beautiful sexy cover that what i;m talked about

  5. “wow, awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.”

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