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Monday and I'm still in the cave

The weekend was just GORGEOUS here. OMG. Beautiful bright blue skies. No clouds.  Crisp, cool breezes. It’s the first glimpse of Fall we’ve seen here.  I spent a lot of my time starting over with Sam and Sophie’s story because I’d missed the boat with the opening.  When the pieces finally fell into place, it was a marvelously fun thing to behold. Kind of like ripping the tape off my character’s mouths and finally letting them tell their own story.

Hubby and I had a late poker night Saturday night which was fun.  We’re bad for even going since we’re leaving for Vegas this next weekend, but we’re both restless, ready for a break and we couldn’t wait.  Sunday the husband made the most FABULOUS caramel shortbread and then grilled firecracker Salmon Mmmmm. I am so freaking spoiled but damn the man is so good to me.  We sighted in rifles in preparation for hunting season which begins two weeks from now with the youth hunt. Kids are absolutely stoked especially my daughter.

We set up trail cams to monitor our spots and she’s named “her” buck “big boy” and says  he will be HERS and no one else’s. The girl has serious buck fever.  As a result we have to let the kids draw for stands for opening morning because there is a fight going on about who goes where.  All I know is whoever bags big boy, serious bragging rights will be appointed and the rest of us may never live such an event down.  Ever.

Today, I’m still dug into my cave. Have lots of reworking to do now that my characters have changed all the rules.  Sophie, particularly, is a very bad girl and gee, who knew?  While Sam? I mean I knew the man was sexy but geesh. All I can say now after rewriting that first chapter is ROWR!

Hope everyone has a great week!

4 thoughts on “Monday and I'm still in the cave”

  1. Lisa Guertin says:

    Can’t wait for Sam & Sophie’s story. We spent part of this weekend watching the deer and wild turkey walk past my folks’ ranch house. About time to get our rifles ready for hunting season down in Florida again. My daughter isn’t into it yet, but I’ve been teaching my husband over the last 12 years!

  2. You need more military advice, right? Right?? :pray:

    Enjoy the hunt!


  3. Ali says:

    You have an awesome husband… want salmon *sigh*
    :shoot: ha, I can’t wait to find out who bags ‘big boy’. Definite bragging rights there :kneel:
    You know, you are such a tease… thanks for the enlightening fact about Sam :stfu:

  4. Glad to hear that Sam and Sophie have finally inspired you to write what I am sure will be another great love story.

    Can’t wait to learn more about it


    Happy Hunting….though it’s not really my thing I always thing it’s great when a family can find something that they enjoy doing together

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