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It's Monday…

Can you hear the excitement oozing through your computer monitor?

This weekend was the youth hunting season, so we took our three children out Saturday morning. Only problem? I’m sick with a cold and running fever. It really wasn’t that cold Saturday morning. Just chilly. But since I was running fever, it felt like it was 30 below. I was miserable. Told hubby no way I was going back out Sunday morning. We hunted the morning and afternoon Saturday and just the afternoon Sunday. I would have preferred to spend the weekend in bed, but the kids were way excited and I wasn’t going to miss out taking my daughter hunting.

She’s SO funny. Very serious, and I have to say, I’m really proud of her. She handles herself so well. She listens to direction, she absorbs it and acts accordingly. She’s careful, and most amazing is that a seven year old girl can sit in a tree stand and remain completely still and quiet for as long as she does.

She’s also a competitive little hussy. Her brother bagged his deer Saturday evening. She was crestfallen because she hadn’t gotten a shot. After Sunday passed without her getting her deer, I made her a deal that she could have first dibs next weekend when the regular season opens (when I would normally take the shot)

So as of now, it’s boys 1 and girls 0. My daughter’s solution? She might not get the first, but now she’s informed her brothers that she’ll bag the biggest. :purplelaugh:

One thought on “It's Monday…”

  1. Cindy says:

    My 11 year old DD is really looking forward to hunting this winter (when her dad finishes getting the crops out).

    Last year was her first year. I’ve never seen a kid so excited over anything as she was her first hunting day. :purplelaugh:

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