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It's February

and holy hell where did January go? I usually hate January. For me it’s the absolute longest month of the year and it usually draaaaggss mercilessly.  Apparently January got the whining memo I sent it because damn, I blinked and it’s gone.

The contractor woes continue.  Carpet was supposed to be done last week. House cleaners were due to come in today.  Well, carpet not only wasn’t done last week but won’t be done until the END of this week (I’m not holding my breath)  The guy measuring for blinds didn’t even show up.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need a guy to measure windows?  Well, I don’t. I measured. I brought measurements in but oh no, they won’t accept MY measurements. They want their guy to do it. You know, the one who didn’t show up.  And now the housecleaners are pushed back to next week.

At this rate, it’ll be NEXT January before we get all this crap done, and I have to tell you, I’ve spent the last week running back and forth between new house and old house and it makes me grumpy when I sit there forever for someone who doesn’t show up after telling me he will be there at 8:15.  Do I sound grumpy?  I assure you I am as sunny and as cheerful as ever. (Yikes, that lightning bolt was close…)

I wonder if my editors will accept an excuse of “I couldn’t write because I was too busy cursing Lowes”

Works for me!


6 thoughts on “It's February”

  1. LOL, but you’ll love it once it is all done :faint:

  2. susan leech says:

    I can understand how you feel but keep telling yourself “this is worth the wait”. susan L.

  3. Heather says:

    I recommend Tequila… lots and lots of tequila. :banana:

  4. Christine says:

    I hate to tell to tell Maya they will equally drive you crazy. My husband had to go back and forth three times to Home Depot to get a toliet seat. Every time he came home there was the same defect. So finally on the fourth time he opened it in the store before he took it home and right away,
    “they were like you can’t open that in the store and he said I’m not coming back here again over this friggen toliet seat so I’m checking it here.”

  5. Maria says:

    The joys of buying and selling a house. We had our main bath redone and something that we were told would take 3 days….turned into almost 3 weeks. I completely understand where you are coming from and if I was you….would send a polite but nasty letter to Lowe’s CEO, maybe he needs to be reminded of why Lowes’s went into business in the first place.

  6. Brandy W says:

    Hey maybe you can get your frustrations out by writing a book about a heroine that is trying to fix up her house and keeps having run-ins with the crappy Lowe’s people and burns the place down on accident.

    The hero can be a fire inspector, police officer or the hunky handyman who ends up doing the fixing on her house.

    Sorry you’re still having problems with the old house.

    I am thrilled that January is over. It means we are a month closer to having the hubby home from his deployment.

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