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It's been awhile…

since RT, but I’m STILL sick :crying:

The first night I was at RT, when I went to bed, my throat hurt so bad I couldn’t swallow. I gradually deteriorated until by the time I got home I had a head full of snot (lovely image, yes?) the entire right side of my head is completely and utterly stopped up and I can’t hear a damn thing out of that ear. I have no voice (Im sure my husband isn’t complaining) and my head hurts so damn bad that I’m thinking an ice pick through the eye ball would actually feel GOOD right now.

Despite my grumpiness and feeling like crap, I’ve been writing. A lot. I don’t have TIME to get all sick and whiny. Sweet Persuasion is going…well. Finally. I struggled with it in the beginning but then I got into the groove and the pages have been flowing a lot easier. I want to have it finished by May 15th. It’s not due until July 1 but uhm I have to finish Into the Lair by then and I also have the proposal for Desire book 2 due June 1.

I then have to write Desire book 2 and THEN I finally, FINALLY get to dive into the series I sold to Berkley Sensation. It’s been killing me to stay away from it. I wrote the proposal back in Feb I think? And I’ve had to lay it aside because I have other books and proposals to write but as soon as the second Desire book is done, I am all over The Darkest Hour. Can’t wait!

This business is best handled with patience and gee, I don’t happen to have a patient bone in my body. I’m probably the most IMPATIENT person I know, which Amy will atttest to…

I’m gonna go whine to my husband and get some sympathy snuggles from him :hug:

One thought on “It's been awhile…”

  1. Greta says:

    I sure hope you get to feeling better. But I beleive I’m the most impatient person I know. I want Stay With Me NOW. I don’t want to wait for it.

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