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I'm SO happy with this cover

7 thoughts on “I'm SO happy with this cover”

  1. Angela H. says:

    I love it.. I really enjoyed Into the Lair and Be With Me can’t release soon enough…lol. Thank you for the clip of it in the newsletter.. I really liked it..
    I hope your hubby continues to improve.. Take care and Happy Writing..

  2. kh says:

    very nice congrats on the desires

  3. Kelly H says:

    Love the new cover! Barnes and is already selling Be With Me. I got it a few days ago and loved it!!

  4. Debra says:

    I have read all your books and I loved all og them. Coulters’ Woman continues to be my favorite. I can’t wait to read Be With me, it can’t come out soon enough.

  5. Lea says:

    The cover ROCKS Maya!!! Can’t wait to read what is inside. :rockthefuckon:


  6. Greta says:

    This cover rocks Maya – Less than one month until December 1 when it’s available :)

  7. Caffey says:

    Love it Maya!! And its soon!!!! COngrats

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