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I hate getting interrupted

which is pretty stupid when I think about how often I get interrupted. you know, a few billion times daily. I get up this morning and immediately get to work, barricading myself in my office. Kids are still in bed, hubby had to work today so all is quiet and Im getting lots written.

My lardass cat, who is not the brightest bulb, likes to jump onto my desk and “visit” me which usually constitutes her annoying the shit out of me until she tires and goes away. So today she’s walking around on my desk and I notice her eyeballing my little cubbies above my desk. Now these are slots, mail slots really, that are all of 4 inches high and about 12 inches wide. Perfect for paperwork, mail, etc. Suddenly she launches herself upward only to realize about the time she smacks into the too small entrance that her lardass isn’t going to fit. She flails and then flops onto my desk, knocking over my tea and scattering shit from one end to the other. I yell at her dumb ass and she runs to hide under the bed. And to think I once suggested that cats were smarter than dogs.

I clean the shit up, get back to work and Im all concentrating as I’m about to finish up a scene when hubby walks in and asks a question and when he doesn’t get an IMMEDIATE response, asks again somewhat impatiently. Which annoys the piss out of me because damn it I just lost my entire train of thought. So I growl at him and tell him to give me a minute. I turn back but I’m already out of the moment *sigh*

It’s an important scene. I want everything just right. The emotion has to shine.

So I break and we talk about all the crap that needs to be done and Im mentally groaning. Finally I suggest that we eat locally and that hubby take me back home so I can work and he and the kids can go run the fourteen errands that need to be ran. Because damn it, I need to get back to that scene that’s eating a hole in my brain.

Finally I’m back, I sit down, read the last paragraph and am hopelessly lost. :cursesign: So now I need to read back over the last 20 pagesand hope to reinvest myself once more so I can capture the essence of precisely what it is I want to highlight in this moment in the story.

I hate interruptions :crying:

2 thoughts on “I hate getting interrupted”

  1. Angela H. says:

    I am sorry honey… My family can’t function with out plaguing me with questions either.. sigh. They make you want to pull your hair out..ugh. Good luck sweetie!

  2. Holly says:

    IF you had a wife, she would just feed the kids, run the errands and probably bring you chocolate as she picked up the cat and put her in another room! Why do dh’s need so many blatant instructions?? God love ’em.

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