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I had this realization…

the other day. Scary I know. I’ve never liked first person stories. I’ve never really dwelled on WHY. Not even sure I knew why. Until now. I just know that I have an immediate reaction when I open a book and it’s in first person. That reaction is usually to promptly shut the book and go on to something else… Yeah, I know, I’m probably about to get beat up :oops:

I have friends who write in first person and God knows I love them. Just not their first person books :dunno: (I can feel Amy plotting to kill me as she plots her first person book) :hug:

So anyway, I think I finally realized why the first person books just don’t do it for me.

I read romances for the hero. And let’s face it. Most romances in first person are from the heroine’s perspective. See, I don’t want to get up close and cozy with the heroine. I don’t want to see the world from just her eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I want to like the heroine, but it’s important (very important) for me to see HER from the hero’s perspective. I want to know how he sees her, how he falls in love with her, how he reacts to her.

And I dunno, I think, too, that when *I* read a first person accounting, I feel like I’m being *told* a story rather than experiencing it. And I want to live it :weee:

So that’s my oddball self examination for the day :headscratch:

11 thoughts on “I had this realization…”

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