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I finally caved

Hubby’s been nagging me to buy a Mac laptop. Why I don’t know. I mean it’s not as if he ever uses my laptop. Honestly he just loves buying new tech toys for me because he knows I’m clueless and he gets to take the new shiny toy out of the box and fiddle with it and configure it and get everything set up for me.

I bought him a Mac desktop thinking that would satisfy his urge for all things Mac but it got worse. He’d call me during the day to ask if I’d fiddled around with his Mac yet. “Do you like it? Huh? Do you?” :help:

Sooo I finally got on it. It wasn’t as scary as I was making it out to be. I’ll admit, Word is…different. Not bad different but different. I hate change. I cursed a blue streak when they completely changed Word for the newest version. It took me FOREVER to figure everything out and I still don’t like it as well as the old version.

And then the words that sealed my fate. “So uhm you still think I should go buy a Mac laptop?”

So uhm yeah. We went to Best Buy last night and I came home with the very last 17 inch Mac Book Pro. Hubby was up until midnight puttering around on it. Still not even close to being done moving all my shit from my Sony to the Mac. That’s probably going to take us a week. I have emails I’ve saved from years ago. (I don’t like to throw anything away)

So now the computer count in the house is Mac 2 PC 6

3 thoughts on “I finally caved”

  1. Brandy W says:

    Have our hubbies been conversing? Is it the year of the Mac? T bought a Mac book for himself and has decided that I need one as well. I just can’t decide between desktop or laptop but am leaning toward Mac book Pro. I like big.:lol2:

  2. Crystal Dee says:

    I so wish I had a husband pushing to buy me a Mac (or anything else). My computer is a ten year old PC that struggles to keep up with today’s memory needs. One day a new computer will be in the budget and with all the talk I’ve heard online, it will probably be a Mac.

    I so hope you come to love yours quickly, if you haven’t already!

  3. Tina S. says:

    Resistance is futile. My husband bought me my first Mac when I graduated with my Masters. Had it waiting for me when I came home from student teaching in England. He resisted for a long time and thought it was pointless. Now he can’t stand PC. We bought him a PC desktop not long ago because he wanted a bigger monitor to hook his work laptop to and it was a really good price to buy it as a set. He sold the CPU not even 6 months after. We now have one very old PC Notebook and 3 Mac Desktops. I want a laptop but will have to wait for a while. Might get a Mac Mini instead as it is cheaper.:beam:

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