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I actually looked forward to this Monday

so I don’t suppose you’ll hear me whining about it. :stfu:

The weekend was fun. Hubby and I were supposed to paint. But uhm we didn’t. See, we’ve been supposed to do this forever, but damn we’re dreading it. The problem is we have a list of house stuff but painting is the first thing we have to do. We’re getting new carpet but we don’t want to get new carpet until after we’ve painted. We’re also getting new furniture, but why move out the old and move in the new when we’d just have to move it again to put down the new carpet. See where I’m going with this? So NOTHING can be done until we…PAINT. :cursesign:

I think right now I’d throw money at someone to come put me out of my misery and paint for me.

Today, I come off a month of not writing contracted stuff. I spent February writing proposals. I finished some. Still have finishing touches to put on one and uhm I’m still in the building stages of the last :oops: But now it’s just going to have to be worked on around my next three deadlines because I have to get moving on Into the Lair, Sweet Persuasion and The Cowboys’ Mistress (Is that not the cheesiest fun title ever? lololol)

All work will be put away, however, this afternoon because I’m going to see Tim McGraw at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo :whoo: Every year, we get offered tickets to the various acts at the rodeo (hubby knows people) and it’s just never worked out that we could go. So I’m looking forward to tonight’s concert. I heart Tim McGraw :banana:

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  1. Ciar Cullen says:

    :passedout: Tim McGraw? Ugh. You know all those posts about how writers share too much? Please, don’t make me think twice about loving you.

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