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How time flies

Excuse me while I reflect a little on the past few years and damn how fast they go by! I’ve often said that March is my month. I don’t know, it’s just that good things seem to happen in that month!

in March 2008, I made my first sale to Harlequin and I also sold the first three books in my KGI series, effectively pushing my career in a new, exciting direction.

In March 2009 I took a huge leap and fulfilled a dream of mine by selling a Scottish historical trilogy. Now a lot of people were surprised. Some even questioned whether I’d be able to pull off something that wasn’t erotic (The same was said about the KGI series too lol and well the Desires and pretty much everything I’ve written since publishing erotic romance) But the simple truth, as I’ve said it many times, is that erotic romance was the deviation for me. I started my writing aspirations with historical romance and always hoped/planned to write historicals and contemporary action adventure stuff just like KGI woot!

But you know, selling something in March 2009 and then setting deadlines and such to publish them 2 and a half YEARS later? That may as well be a lifetime. That’s two and a half years to stress and worry endlessly over whether I can pull off a kickass historical. Whether I’ll be able to switch from contemporary romance to the magical historical story I have dancing around in my head. Thinking it and envisioning it is a far cry from actually putting it on the page and pulling off the execution. That’s two and a half years to agonize over whether I’ll be a complete and utter failure.

And then suddenly two and a half years have passed and I’m now on the eve of publishing the final book in that first historical trilogy. I shake my head because looking back, I’m still not sure how I managed to pull off those stories and get them down exactly as they were in my head. But I’m happy with the result.

I’ve had a lot of firsts in the last year and I have so much to be grateful to my readers for. You guys embraced my KGI series when I was terrified you wouldn’t. And then you embraced my historicals when again, I was terrified you wouldn’t. I wanted so badly to be able to continue my KGI series and to also continue writing fun, romantic, magical Scottish historicals. Thanks to you? I totally get to. I’m even now working on the 5th KGI story and as soon as I finish it, I’ll be starting work on my next Scottish historical series and I’m so giddy excited I can hardly stand it.

So I’ll be celebrating the release of NEVER LOVE A HIGHLANDER but not just as another book release but rather as the culmination of a long held dream of mine. A dream I’ve worked on for nearly ten years now. A dream that my wonderful readers have made possible. Thank you. You guys are the absolute best.

16 thoughts on “How time flies”

  1. Evan Blanc says:

    Maya, I just want to tell you that those who thought and said that you couldn’t write historical and series like KGI, are not fans of either. I literally have to plan around the release dates of your historical and KGI series because I can simply not put them down. I physically can not start one of those books, nor have I, without reading it from cover to cover in one sitting (then scold myself for reading to quickly). Now I must say that my library is extensive but BOTH of those series are one of my absolute favorites. I have never laughed and cried as hard as I have with ANY book as I have with your Highlanders and your Kelly men.
    You are thanking us fans, but I am sure a lot of us are just praying that you will never stop doing what you love. Because your dreams fulfill our passions, and life is nothing without passion..
    Thank you so much. With Love. Evan.

  2. Want to hear something funny? I first discovered your books in March. LOLOL. I found your Anetakis books first, devoured them in 2 days, then moved on to KGI. From there it was open season on your backlist. LOLOL. I’ve now read everything except the last KGI book you published and the Colter series. Oh, and I’m waiting for the third book in your historical scots books before i start that series.

    LOVE your books, and I don’t care what you write…JUST KEEP WRITING!!!

    I just reread Stay With Me last night. That book always makes me cry.

  3. Regina says:

    The first book I read from you was The Darkest Hour and I just loved it that I went after another books by you. I started and finished all books in Sweet serie last month and now I`m reading your historicals (finished Alaric´s and Keeley´s story yesterday! and now I have to wait the third one to arrive here in Brazil sometime nex month…)

    I want to say Thank You, because the worlds you create are so full of love, friendship, laughter (of couse, some tears too), sensuality and is wonderful spend time with your heroes and heroines.

  4. Candy says:

    Maya, I’ve been a long time fan of your writing starting with your Desire series, then moving on to the Colter and Sweet series. The KGI and Scottish series are my favorite to date, your books just keep getting better and better!! I can’t remember how I stumbled across the first novel but am so glad now I did. Please writing what you LOVE – I have no doubt that I will love it too!

  5. Megan says:

    Hey Maya,
    I just want to let you know that I fell in love with your writing through Seduction of a Highland Lass. First ever romance that I actually cried in a very long time. On pins and needles waiting for my copy of Never Love a Highlander. And of course I have to go back and read In Bed with a Highlander. Those Sottish men!! They are so…AGGRESSIVE in bed and out! I love it!

  6. Monikarw says:

    Aww, Maya!:’) I’m so Happy for U!:)
    thank you for your amazing stories! And now I can safely say there’s you’d write I wouldn’t LOVE!;)
    Have the most fantastic, amazing and wonderful release day!:*

  7. Pat Cochran says:

    Congratulations on your Release Day!
    Looking forward to reading this book!
    It’s on the list for my bookstore run!

    Pat Cochran

  8. Zeneida says:

    Congratulations on your dream you deserve it and I am very happy for you. I remember that my first book was the sweet series and then I went looking for the rest of them. Love your work and hope to read more of them.

    Have a amazing release day, I already have my copy.

  9. Sonya Parke says:

    I love everything I have read of yours, so I say keep up the good writing and I’ll keep reading.LOL.

  10. Brooke says:

    I just finished my first reading of Never Love a Highlander and I have to say it’s fabulous. Thank goodness for Nooks, I was able to download the book at 12:01 and it was soooo worth staying up for. I’ll definitely be re-reading it :-). I just wanted to let you know that you are an auto buy for me. I love that even if there’s tension between the hero and heroine I’m never left cringing wondering if they’ll ever get it worked out and I’m never left worrying how in the world they’ll ever be able to really love each other after all the hateful things that was said. Thanks for an awesome read! All future projects are on my spreadsheet so I won’t miss any :-D.

  11. Pamela Walker says:

    I have read all of your KGI books and just finished the McCabe Trilogy. I absolutely love them both. I am a sucker for contemporary suspence romance and I get that from KGI. The characters are exciting and the stories continue to suck me in. Once I start reading I cannot stop. The McCabe Trilogy was phenomenal. It is amazing that it is your first historical romance. I have never been one to read historicals but lately I have indulged. Your trilogy caught me and would not let go. I have a Kindle so I got them as soon as they were released. I totally loved them. Thank you for your wonderful writing and exciting stories.

  12. Melanie says:

    I am so happy that I have found your books Maya! Congrats to you on your sucess…I have to admit that I was not sure if I was gonna enjoy the McCabe Trilogy but then it occurred to me that if I liked it even half as much as I LOVED the KGI series, then it was worth the read. And of course, I LOVED THEM ALL! I am sooo looking forward to your next book for the KGI series that I have the release date plugged into my phone to remind me =). Thank you for sharing the stories that run around in your head with us, they manage to bring every emotion to the surface and make me fall in love with the characters.

  13. Kathy Kelly says:

    March is a good month for me too! My birthday and St. Patrick’s day being the two biggest reasons :)
    I loved all three of your highlander books and eagerly look forward to the next series.

  14. Maryam says:

    Congrats, Maya! And glad you didn’t give up. I’ve been buying every book and enjoying every series. In fact Never Love a Higlander was waiting for me when I got home… and don’t you know I didn’t sleep until I finished reading it (made me pretty worthless this morning at work ). What a fabulous end to the trilogy… what a great story. Sorry to see the series end and can’t wait for the next trilogy. And hope that some day you’ll write a story for Gannon.

  15. azteclady says:

    Thank you

    Happy Halloween, by the way!

  16. Angie says:

    Dear Maya. I love your Highlanders stories and are so looking forward to buy your new book on Rorie Montgomery It is a character that I’m dying to read more about… .if the. Brothers are so awesome I’m sure her future husband better be amazing…do not forget her I see that. You are building expectancy on this character and It is working on me…pease , please say yes to this story….????

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