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How a deal began over “coffee”

Since I’m in story telling mode this week haha, I thought it would be interesting to post how a coffee date at RT with May Chen turned into a book deal!

It’s a well known fact that I adore Lisa Marie Rice’s books and May Chen happens to be HER editor and May is on twitter and she’s incredibly sweet, chatty and approachable so I totally emailed her and was all ballsy and begged her to send me an ARC of Lisa Marie Rice’s upcoming book. This was like a year or so ago..

She was nice enough to send it to me and then months later when it was time for the NEXT book, I emailed her again and asked very nicely if I could have the ARC of THIS book. She sent it to me and then asked if I’d be willing to give Lisa Marie Rice a quote which I happily supplied because again, I love her books.

So this last March, May emailed me and said hey I see you’re going to be at RT this year. So am I. I’d love to buy you a coffee as a thank you for the quote you gave Lisa and we could dish books (because many of our emails turned into book dish fests as we talked about books we loved or didn’t love lol) So I said sure because I love dishing books!

So we met in the lobby of the hotel and I was thinking this would be like a twenty minute chat at most. An hour and a half LATER we were still talking and we covered a variety of topics. She told me how much she LOVED RUSH and FEVER and asked ME for an ARC of BURN and then we started talking about storylines that I had on the back burner but had never had time to write and I told her about this idea that I’ve literally had for YEARS that I would LOVE to be able to write but didn’t see an opportunity any time soon since my schedule is so crazy.

After I told her about the idea she was like OMG I LOVE that idea you have to write it for me! And I was like yeah yeah whatever lol. I didn’t think anything about it but at the END of the conversation she says well go home and talk it over with your agent and let me know.

Picture me with a deer in the headlights look.

So I go home and never gave it another thoughts. Didn’t mention it to my agent because again, I expected NOTHING to come of this whatsover. Well, the day AFTER I got home, May emails me and says hey did you talk over your idea with your agent?

At this point I hit the panic button and I forwarded her email to my agent and said OMG what do I tell her? And then I said, I did NOT commit to ANYTHING and what do I do now? My agent said don’t worry about it. Just email her back, say how nice it was talking to her at RT and if she has any questions she can contact me.

So I did as my agent said and then promptly put it out of my mind again.

Until the next DAY when my agent emails me with the subject line of HOLY FUCK (seriously haha) and she then said that May Chen had just CALLED her wanting to talk about a book deal for the idea we’d discussed at RT.

Uhmmm okaaay. Not exactly what I was expecting. Because in reality this sort of thing happens a LOT as in an editor will approach my agent about wanting to work with me but nothing ever COMES of it.

May Chen has some BALLS y’all! haha. She totally made this deal happen. My agent and I were BOTH flabbergasted over how this came about and how hard May worked to MAKE this deal happen.

So by the end of May (the month lol) we had a deal in place for three books and a new series with Avon Books and May Chen is my editor. Wow!

And all because I had coffee to dish books at the RT convention. So you never know when an innocuous meeting will turn into a book deal!

The new series is called SLOW BURN and the first three books will be published in October 2014, Jan 2015 and March 2015. The titles are: KEEP ME SAFE, IN HIS KEEPING and SAFE AT LAST (of course they’re subject to change but right NOW those are the titles)

14 thoughts on “How a deal began over “coffee””

  1. KD says:

    AMAZING story and congrats on both deals!

  2. Karen Scott says:

    Wow! I love this! Congrats Maya!

  3. Leanna says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to these books!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh I can’t wait for those to come out. And congrats on the deal.

  5. Mish says:

    Hey Maya,

    I’m a new fan…I’ve read all of the Colter series with the exception of Colter’s Gift…I’ll be reading that soon.

    I’ve read most of the Sweet series and so far they are all awesome.

    Congratulations on the new deal and the new series! I’ll look out for them on the dates you mentioned.

    Wishing you all the best…Continue to write and we’ll continue to read everything of yours we can get our hands on…. :)

  6. Jaida says:

    I’m sooo waiting for Brodie’s story. Can’t wait. I’ve read most of the Highland stories. Will begin reading some others. Big fan. Congrats!

  7. Sharon says:

    You are truly Awesome…
    Don’t you know that?

  8. Fran says:

    Is SLOW BURN going to be erotic like the other series? I only read the KGI INC series

  9. Ashley says:

    Excited for you AND for alla us fans! Have read ALL your books & look so forward to your new story lines…makes me feel like “a kid in a candy-shop!”

  10. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations Maya! Great news for you and your readers. Love your books and I have most if not all of them. Somehow I missed the Jan 7 release of After the Storm, I just rectified that so I am going to escape our physical heat to dive right in… Thank you! … looking forward to the release of the Surrender series :-).

  11. Paulette says:

    I am a 3 month old brand new fan! I really loved reading every inch of the Colters series!! You are definitely an awesome writer! Keep up with your great writing books!
    All the best!
    Paulette from Staten Island, NY

  12. what is the name of book 10 of the kgi series and who is it about the anouncement was suppose to on August 15th

  13. Kathy Stonecipher says:

    I love u but, come on 2016 for the next Montgomery Armstrong book? WTF?!?!?

  14. Margaret Parker says:

    Just read Keep Me Safe. I could not put the book down. I never have been so sucker punched reading this story. I love this new series and have pre-ordered the next two. Thank you

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