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Holiday Themed Stories

So here’s a question. When do you start looking for, wanting to read holiday themed stories? Early? Last minute? Somewhere in between? I’m working on A Colter Christmas and it’s not ALL about Christmas. Christmas occurs but it’s not all Christmassy throughout the entire story. But I’m trying to decide when to release it so I could use your feedback! :)

29 thoughts on “Holiday Themed Stories”

  1. Laura B. says:

    I love to start reading holiday books in early fall, and will continue through about the first part of February. I would love to read more of the Colter’s story at anytime! They are addictive, and you have done such a beautiful job continuing their story. Thank you!

  2. Jayde says:

    I agree with Laura B. Early fall would be a great time to begin reading holiday books.

  3. Odette Sauve says:

    Mid-november, that’s when snow starts at home, and since I hate winter and snow, I lose myself in Christmas stories, since I like Christmas.

  4. Donna Johnson says:

    I like to start around October but I am a HUGE christmas fan and since the Colter Series is one of my absolute favorite I will read it as soon as it is available.


  5. Kathleen says:

    I usally done’t start buying until about the middle of November… but sometimes I make an exception when it is an author i particularly LOVE… then you couldn’t stop me with a fright train

  6. Usually Novemberish for buying, but generally I don’t read them until January, because by then I’m ready to go postal on the next person who speaks to me, and I’ve been so busy with family birthdays and holidays that I don’t have the capacity to concentrate on a full-length book. They’re a good way to remind myself that killing or maiming people is wrong, and they don’t take too long to read.

  7. Kaley says:

    November. One of my biggest pet peeves is how retailers start all the holiday decorations in the early fall (last year Christmas decorations went up the DAY after Halloween!) By the time the holidays hit, I’m tired of it all- LOL.

    So I start looking for holiday things in November.

  8. Kim says:

    I start reading Christmas stories in the fall.

  9. mbot565 says:

    I’m not picky. I read them around Fall, because that’s when those stories are usually published. I reread a lot of your books, so if you decide to publish early, I’ll read it right away & reread it around the holiday time.

  10. Carrie Ryan says:

    Usually Nov – but I am selfish and want to read it now… Lol

  11. Jeanette Juan says:

    Early! Usually I can read it any time but I just want to read your story early haha

  12. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to vote for NOW! I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

  13. Katelin says:

    I usually like to start reading holiday books in the early fall, it gets cooler outside, the stores start getting holiday stuff in and it’s nice just to sit down and read a good book. The Colter series is one of my favorites and i would love to read it anytime!

  14. Jessica B. says:

    I love this series. And I think either November or October. Anytime really. I reread the books all of the time and ready for another one.

  15. Sharon Featherstone says:

    I like to starr reading Holiday themed books aound mid November. I love reading them right after Thanksgiving! Thanks for the opportunity to give an opiniin!

  16. Terri says:

    Actually, I read them year round. Our life goes nuts every fall between birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Plus, I work for the post office which means December isn’t exactly a relaxing time. I like the feeling of Christmas so even if it’s 100 degrees outside, I can enjoy that Christmas cheer.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I loved this series so the sooner the better. I can’t wait.

  18. OrielaJ says:

    I love reading christmas stories in October. Just around the time it starts to get cold and the leaves are falling off the trees.

  19. Lynne says:

    Oct. is the time I like to start reading X-mas theme stories but that being said, the sooner the better on your stories!!

  20. kendis says:

    October! The Colters Legacy Series is like an addiction of the non-guilty variety!

  21. Betty Hamilton says:

    Anytime after mid-September. Actually, however, its really a state of mind so I may pick up a Christmas themed romance anytime of the year.

  22. nadya says:

    Personally, I always tell myself I won’t read christmas stories until December but end up starting in mid-November. I won’t start christmas before Halloween though, just won’t do it.

  23. Daci says:

    If the purpose of the book is spread holiday cheer, then I say late fall. But if Christmas is not the focal point, the sooner the better. I really miss Ryan. (LOL!)

  24. Daci says:

    If the purpose of the book is to spread holiday cheer, then I say late fall. But if Christmas is not the focal point of the book, the sooner the better. I really miss Ryan. (LOL!)

  25. Dana says:

    ASAP! Love your books they are totally amazing and beautiful. Who needs pictures your stories paints very vivid ones all on their own.

  26. Lauralee says:

    Will you include Adam, Ethan and Ryan’s parents? I would really like to hear how the “tradition” of one wife/three brothers began in this family. We could read more about the family without “losing” our current heroes


  27. Catherine says:

    I read Christmas stories all year. Sometimes you need that little bit of Christmas happiness during the rest of the year. Looking forward to another book! Hope it is released soon. Any hints on the story line????

  28. Chera says:

    I agree with Lauralee, I’d like to know more about Adam, Ethan, and Ryan’s parents. I don’t care the season, I love to read.

  29. Sherry Neander says:

    Anytime is a good time for one of your stories! I’ve re-read each of your stories at least 6 times already and would love a new one. I for one can read Christmas stories anytime.

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