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Happy Mother's Day

to all the moms out there. May your day be filled with lots of love, hugs and kisses from your brood whether they’re real or in spirit :hug:

It’s been a good weekend despite recovering from surgery. Yesterday I sat propped on the couch while hubby and the kids went shopping for Mother’s Day pressies. THey brought home Chinese take-out for dinner.

Today hubby folded all the laundry and cleaned the kitchen and he’s presently out shopping for steaks to grill for dinner. I love that man…

Me? I’m still propped on the couch with my laptop. I’m still sore but nearly as sore as I was yesterday. I’m working on something I’m not supposed to be working on…..shhhhh!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother's Day”

  1. Ing says:

    Happy Mother’s Day right back’atch Maya! Glad you are being pampered by the family. Speedy recovery!


  2. Valerie Tibbs says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Maya! Glad you’re feeling better.

    So… whatcha workin’ on??? You can tell me… LOL


  3. barbara says:

    Happy mother’s Day!:whoo::elephant:
    Hey today is suppused to be your day off, isn’t?:worthy:

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