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Grocery Shopping

I HATE grocery shopping. :crying: And I have to go today. Can I just starve the family or live on pizza for the next week or so? Sigh…

Today’s not shaping up too good. I lost my damn cell phone. Had to order another and it won’t be in until Monday. I really don’t mind being without a phone (I don’t use a landline anymore) but it’s my luck that the minute I don’t HAVE a phone then everyone and their mama will be trying to call me with important stuff.

Now to go make that darn grocery list….

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping”

  1. Karin says:

    I hate grocery shopping as well. That’s why I send my husband. of course he’s gone for hours coz everyone knows him and has to chat. When I do make an appearance they look at him like, “Who is that?”

    Oh, love the new cover OVERHEARD.

  2. Holly says:

    :chowtime: phew, and here I thought you just blocked my number ;) On a serious note though, we are “attempting” to eat healthier, don’t worry no tofu yet, but we had some multi-grain wheat bread for dinner tonight, with barley and flax seed and all…it was super great!! All the kids even ate it! Okay…running from the keyboard now :shoot:

  3. cathy says:

    We have a grocery store in our area that delivers! It makes me life soooo much easier.:couch:

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