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Golden Eyes excerpt (Moved)

Golden Eyes will be releasing in less than three two weeks. I’ll be putting an excerpt up on the website as soon as my web chicky gets to it. (excerpt is now up on website) In the meantime, here is the unofficial blurb and an excerpt :cheer:

Golden Eyes
Coming March 4th to Loose ID

When Sheriff Duncan Kennedy finds an injured cheetah in his mountains, he brings it home, determined to find out how she got there and stop the poachers who were hunting her. When he later checks on the cheetah and instead finds a gorgeous, naked woman with an arrow in her leg, he’s completely flabbergasted.

For six months, Aliyah Carver has been trapped in cheetah form. Taken by poachers who import exotic animals to illegally hunt, she stayed in animal form to avoid detection. She escapes the hunters, but now she faces another problem. A devastatingly sexy sheriff who now knows her secret.

Excerpt after the jump!

It was late when Duncan turned into his drive. He pulled up to his house and sat there for a moment, his hands gripped tight around the steering wheel. Fatigue worked deep into his muscles, but at the same time, anticipation licked up his skin. He realized, as he walked toward the front door, that he wanted her to be here. He didn’t want to walk into an empty house just like he did every other day.

He inserted the key into the lock, turned then paused as he slid his hand down to grab the handle. Quietly, he eased the door open and stepped inside.

Relief lightened his chest.

Curled up on the couch in front of the fire was Aliyah. Lying on her side, her knees drawn up and one arm dangling over the side of the sofa, she was sound asleep.

It looked frighteningly domestic. Like a man returning home after a long day at work to find his woman waiting. Soft. Beautiful.

He walked forward, drawn to the alluring image she presented. As he moved closer, he frowned. Her skin rippled with tiny quivers. Her muscles twitched and jumped, and her brow was creased, her lips drawn into a tight line.

He knelt in front of the couch and laid his hand on her shoulder. She was wearing one of his flannel shirts. He slid his hand down her arm then over her hip and to the bare skin of her leg. His fingers tracked back up to the hem of the shirt, and he pushed until it revealed her wound.

It still looked painful, though he couldn’t imagine anyone else healing this rapidly. And she seemed to think it was taking much too long.

He pressed his lips an inch below the jagged seam of the closed wound and kissed. Beneath his mouth, she stirred. He glanced over to see her looking at him. A smile curved her full lips.

“Hey,” she murmured.

“Hey yourself.”

She put her hand down to push herself into a sitting position. He clasped her shoulder and helped her up.

“You doing okay?” he asked.

She rubbed her hands over her arms and expelled a shaky breath. “Yeah, I’m good.”

He touched her cheek, outlined her lips with his fingers. Her eyes simmered liquid gold as she nuzzled her face into his palm.

“I’m starving,” he said. “Come keep me company while I whip up something to eat?”

She smiled and nodded.

“You want something?” he asked as he helped her to her feet.

“If you’re offering to cook.” She grinned. “I snacked on some of the stuff in your fridge, but I’m a disaster in the kitchen. Opening a can is about the extent of my culinary expertise.”

She glanced down at her bare legs then back up at Duncan. “I don’t have anything to wear. Your shirt was all I could find. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing it.”

He reached out to finger the lapel and ran the tip inside over the strip of flesh bared by the V. “That shirt never looked that good on me.”

She smiled again and started for the kitchen.

“I should have thought about getting you some clothes,” he said as he followed behind her. “Everything will be closed now, but I can go out tomorrow morning first thing and pick you up a few things.”

She gingerly perched atop one of the barstools, her bare legs dangling down. “That’s sweet of you. I’d appreciate it.” She cocked her head to the side and studied him. “You look tired. Long day?”

Warm pleasure surged through his veins at her concern. He set a skillet on the counter top and reached over to touch her hand.

“We found a dead lion.”

Sorrow filled her eyes and then she looked down. He raised his hand to her cheek.

“I’m sorry.”

She looked back at him, her eyes shining with a sheen of tears. “He was taken from the same game preserve that I was. He was a beautiful animal.”

“Aliyah, I’ll find the people who did this to you, to the other animals. I promise. They won’t hurt you again.”

She nodded, sadness still etched into her features. He pulled away and began preparations for a quick dinner.

A few minutes later, he dished up omelets for both of them. She dug in with enthusiasm and sighed in pleasure as she put a bite into her mouth.

“Real food. I’m in heaven.”

He looked up from his own plate. “Yeah, I guess you haven’t exactly had decent food lately.” Then he remembered his own offering of the raw steak and grimaced.

She ate quickly and with great enjoyment. When she pushed back her plate with a yawn, he felt the prickle of fatigue skate up his neck as well.

“We should probably get to bed,” he said as he picked up their plates and headed for the sink. “I’ll, uhm, take the couch.” He didn’t want to assume anything even though they’d had sex the night before. Maybe she already regretted it.

He turned around to see her staring intently at him, those golden eyes glowing in the light.

“I don’t want to sleep alone,” she said softly.

His chest tightened. He didn’t want to sleep on the couch. He’d much prefer having her in his arms again.

She walked forward, stopping mere inches in front of him. Their bodies were so close they were nearly touching. Her warmth reached out, curling around him, soft and feminine like her.

She put her hand on his chest and gazed up at him, her eyes beseeching.

“What are you asking?” he said hoarsely.

“For you to hold me. And maybe…”

“Maybe what?”

He cupped his hand over hers, sliding his fingers over her wrist and to her fingertips.

“And maybe you could touch me,” she whispered.

“Do you know what you’re asking?”

She touched his cheek. “I know what I’m asking for, Duncan. The question is, can you give it to me?”

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  1. cathy M says:

    Love the tenderness and care that Duncan shows her.

  2. Valerie Tibbs says:

    This is wonderful… I can’t wait 18 days for this!!!!

    Can’t you get them to release this sooner!!!!


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  4. Greta says:

    Sounds like another awesome book. I can’t wait.


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