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Fun news (and I’m back from RAW)

The past two weeks have been a blur! Just two days after the release of The Darkest Hour, I left for Lora Leigh’s Reader Appreciation Weekend in West Virginia. Fun times were had by all but man was I tired when I got home!

My inbox looks like a bomb went off… So if you’ve emailed me, be patient, because uhm wow are there a lot of emails to wade through!

Just yesterday, I found out that The Darkest Hour hit this week’s USA Today bestseller list. I’ve been so excited by the reception this book has enjoyed and I just want to say thank you to all of you for buying, reading and recommending the KGI series. I’m so stoked for the release of No Place to Run in December!

Sometimes the wait makes things all the sweeter, and I’ve waited a long time to be able to tell Ethan and Rachel’s story. I’m just so thrilled that so many people have enjoyed their journey :)

16 thoughts on “Fun news (and I’m back from RAW)”

  1. Blanche says:

    Welcome back Maya!! Big Congrats on the USA Bestseller List….a very well deserved honor! Ethan and Rachel’s story was AMAZING and I can’t wait for Sam and Sophie’s story in December!!!

  2. Glad you made it home safely! It was so nice to get to chat and hang out with you!

    See you next year!



  3. Brandy W says:

    Get some rest in if you can. Congratulations on the Bestseller list. Totally deserved. I loved Ethan and Rachel’s story and can’t wait for Sam and Garrett. Though I admit that I’m smitten with Van and Steele.

  4. Alana says:

    I loved The Darkest Hour! It was a roller coaster for sure! I can’t wait to read the next one!

  5. Stephanie P says:

    Just got the Four Play arc and here is where I posted my first review.
    Absolutely loved it.

  6. Rory G says:

    Finished The Darkest Hour and really enjoyed it. I totally have a crush on Garrett and wish I could take him home. I posted reviews on both and hoping it will bring even more readers over to the wonders of Maya Banks! Congrats on a great new series.

  7. Maya says:

    THanks you guys! ANd Rory, I totally admit to having a crush on Garrett too :) His book nearly kicked my ass (HIdden Away)

  8. Jackie says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for Garrett….the whole way through the book I found my thoughts returning to him again and again. Thanks for all the hours of reading enjoyment you have given me. It means a lot!

  9. Virginia says:

    LOVED The Darkest Hour! I am looking forward to the next ones and hope that you will also write Donovan, Steele’s and Rio’s stories! :)

  10. amy says:

    I finally finished the Darkest Hour OMG it rocked !!!! I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out. Thanks for writing it!!!

  11. Cami says:

    Hi Maya! I have been a real fan with the Surrender series, but recently read The Darkest Hour and all I can say is WOW!!!! I LOVE IT!! I started it the other night, just read one chapter and needed to get to sleep. The next day I couldn’t put it down, finished it that afternoon! I can’t wait until December… wonderful!!

  12. Rory G says:

    My ARC of Four Play arrived today. I can’t wait to start it. I have held off on starting anything else in anticipation of it’s arrival! Happy dance!!!

  13. Odette Sauvé says:

    Finished The Darkest Hour and can’t wait for the next book in December!!! Go! Go! Maya!!! Love your books!

  14. Lucy says:

    Just finished Sam’s story (thanks for the ARC) and it’s even better than The Darkest Hour. Can’t wait for Garrett’s story!
    You’ll be happy to know TDH has sold extremely well down under!

  15. Katy M says:

    It was great seeing you at RAW again! Always a blast! It took awhile to recover, so I’m just finally catching up on my email.
    Congrats on the USA Bestseller ranking for The Darkest Hour. Yeah!!! I love it when a book I love (and I really loved TDH) does well.
    Also Four Play ROCKED! Your story was soooo hot and filled with emotion too – I want more! I loved loved loved it! It’s a favorite, keeper, reread and all that :)

  16. DKel says:

    Ethan’s story (KGI series) was the first time I read one of your books. I confess the hard body on the cover enticed me to pick it up and the story about military ALPHA men captured my attention. I have read this book twice and already waiting for Sam’s story. I was a die hard Lora Leigh fan but I realize that her writing has changed the last three books. You definitely are on top of your game. I am tempted to read some of your other books but I need to get pass the boundaries of threesomes and animal shifting first. Maybe amazon will place these book on their Read the Inside list.

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