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Free ebooks! wooo!

This week at Writeminded, we’re going to be giving away free ebooks every day to celebrate read an ebook week, so be sure to hop over and try to catch one as we hurl them at readers :sumo:

7 thoughts on “Free ebooks! wooo!”

  1. Amy Maier says:

    Love your books. The ones that I have been able to find.


  2. Maya says:

    Amy which ones can’t you find? I hate wanting a book and not being able to hunt it down lol. I get a bit psychotic :sumo:

  3. ebooks says:

    Didn’t get a book … 5 months late … :oops:

  4. free ebook says:

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  5. cielo says:

    i have been reading you sweet series and i can’t get enough. now i’m looking for more of your series. so hard to find…sheesh keep it up maya!

  6. Kim Baxter says:

    I would like to purchse an iTunes book in Canada called Tycoon’s Secret Affair. I have read the first two books but would like the third. Do you have a link for this or a way i can purchase the books?

  7. Cody Paez says:

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