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Finally. The Pool will be done

After an interminable wait, the pool will FINALLY be finished today. My kids are about to drive me insane asking when, when, when, but as I type, they are doing the plaster and as soon as they finish, the pool will start to be filled. Which means my kids will be wallowing in the shallows as it fills. I have some cute pictures last year when the pool at our old house was being filled. They pretended to be alligators. I’ll have to snap a few more this year.

It’ll take until Saturday to completely fill, but that won’t mean the kids won’t live in it until then. We won’t get the pumps started and the chemicals in until Monday so in the meantime, they’ll be taking the equivalent of a cold bath.

And now I can stop being cranky when asked when, when, when!

4 thoughts on “Finally. The Pool will be done”

  1. Blanche says:

    How fun! I bet they are THRILLED! :) I really wish we had a pool….it was 102 here yesterday and I think we really need one!

  2. mbot565 says:

    LOL, you crack me up. Wish I have a pool in my house, but as of now, we’ll have to content with a cold bath/shower. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  3. Angela H. says:

    We love ours, did ya’ll elect to go w/ a salt system. We did and it is sooooo easy..

  4. I am so jealous. We bought a new house in Oct and about 1/3 of the houses in our subdivision all have pools. We’ve thought about putting one in but the price we were quoted started at $20,000 for a fairly small one.

    I think we are going to redo our deck and put a hottub in instead. I grew up with a pool until my grandmother sold her house so that’s the one thing I’ve missed more than anything was being able to swim daily.

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