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Don't remember…

if I mentioned, and I probably haven’t, but I’m having my website redone. I’m branching out from writing *just* the southern set hot romances and so I want a website that is not so specific to “Sexy Southern Romance.”

See, my PLAN was, for any non erotic romances I published to be under Sharon Long and reserve Maya Banks for the erotic stuff. That was my plan from day one. I just never expected Maya’s name to take off and garner the readership. So when I sold my contemporary RS series to Berkley Sensation, we decided to use Maya because well, she has a readership and Sharon doesn’t and I don’t want to start all over again.

But I told myself, never fear, there was still that whole pipe dream of writing for either Harlequin Presents or Silhouette Desire and I couldn’t imagine H/S wanting me to use a pen name that I wrote erotica under so I figured if and when I made the sale to H/S I could use Sharon Long for that and develop a whole new website for Sharon.

Well, then I sold to Silhouette and my editor said she was more than happy for me to write as Maya. Oops. Poor Sharon. She’s been officially put to bed before she ever got her chance :lol2:

So anyway, I now need a website that can reflect not only the erotic romances, but also the contemporary RS’s I’m writing for Berkley Sensation AND the contemporary romances I’m writing for Silhouette Desire. Hmm maybe I need a new tagline now. Damn, I really liked Sexy Southern Romance :help:

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  1. barbara says:

    I bet this new website is going to be really good too.:whoo:

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