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Don't even have words…

Yeah, if you look at the time stamp, you’ll see I’m up at two freaking o’clock in the morning. Blogging. :beam: For those who know me, well, you know I like my sleep. I have to have my sleep. I am not a nice person when I don’t get at least 8 hours. :passedout: Since I have to get up at 6, uhm that’s in about 4 hours, to get the kids ready for school, we can safely say, 8 hours ain’t happening tonight, er uh this morning that is.

So why am I up at this ungodly hour of the morning? One word. Deadline. :fainting:

Now, also, for those who know me, you know I am an anal freak about never being late. It’s one of my buttons. If I have to be somewhere at nine, you can bet your ass I’ll be there no later than 8:30. I turned in my last book over two months AHEAD of deadline. I function much better when I’m not worried about being late.

So uhm, my deadline is Friday. And this isn’t a normal situation. Extenuating circumstances led to this cluster fuck. I can only hope it doesn’t happen again because I won’t survive it. I AM finished. Well, I should ammend that. It’s written. Finished is such a subjective term. I’ve emailed it to Amy, who I’ve harassed into giving me a one day turn around so that I can email it to my agent no later than Thursday. Because I have to be in Houston on Friday. How’s that for timing. Have to be out of town on the last day of my deadline. :huh:

Personally I think it’s the worst piece of shit ever. But then in my current state of mind, it wouldn’t matter WHAT I was writing, it would still be SHIT. So clearly, I have no perspective. It’s Amy’s job to tell me if it really is shit. And believe me, she’ll tell me. We’re hurtful to each other that way :lol2:

I do so love my Samhain editor. She’s been keeping me company into the wee hours of this morning while I slowly LOSE MY MIND. No, this project isn’t for her. It’s for my Berkley editor, which makes her willingness to poke fun at me at 1am even more endearing. We’re SO going to tie one on at RT. :drunk:

So goodnight, Jess, and whoever else is unfortunate enough to be up at this obscene hour. I’ll be a raving bitch tomorrow, but at least I’ll be a bitch who finished her piece of shit proposal on time.

6 thoughts on “Don't even have words…”

  1. Jess B says:

    Oh go to bed already! See you tomorrow when you’re blurry-eyed and ornery. I’ll poke fun at you then too. :) Night, sweetums.

  2. Jess B says:

    *sigh* your comment box doesn’t like me. The above smiley was supposed to have the caption “Maya tomorrow without her caffeine”.

  3. Jaci Burton says:

    I have always turned work in early.

    Lately? Not so much. I’m hitting deadline crunches in a huge way, and I hate it :crying:

    I feel your pain.

    Hope you catch up on your sleep after you turn your proposal in.

  4. Liz D says:

    Sorry Maya
    But its 7:13 am here and I’m just getting ready to go to bed. I was up all night the past 3 nights

  5. Lisa Lou says:

    I hope you got a nap today!! :hug:

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