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Didya hear that sigh of relief way over there?

Yeah that was me blowing hot air everywhere. The only person who’s read No Place to Run (my agent) loved it which was a relief given how many times I’ve rewritten this book.  So yay! No more rewriting. This one’s ready to be shipped off.

Oldest son’s birthday was Sunday so we went over Houston way to eat at Cheesecake Factory. It’s right next door to P.F. Changs which was my choice (LOVE P.F. Changs!) but we ate at Cheesecake and it was…okay.

Husband and I braved the mall (oh sweet Jesus!) and did as much shopping as we could stomach. (I think we lasted one whole hour)  I’ve since been working my little fingers to death internet shopping. I don’t know what people ever did before internet shopping.  Oh, I DO know. They went out on Black Friday and trampled each other to death…

So I’m soldiering on and I’m finally making some headway on the shopping.  I’d love to report that I’m done, but that’s not going to happen for awhile.  Shopping would be SO much easier if I knew what to buy, you know?  I lack imagination when it comes to gifts and I hate the idea of buying the wrong thing, so picture me, paralyzed with paranoia about the whole gift buying process.  For Christmas, I’m going to ask for mind reading abilities.


3 thoughts on “Didya hear that sigh of relief way over there?”

  1. Maria says:

    Maya, Maya, Maya…you’re making shopping too difficult! Seriously…PF Changs Rocks!
    Shame you had to go to that cheesecake place.
    As for people trampeling others at the mall, I still don’t get it, these retail stores are getting away with murder by doing what they do with Black Friday and I for one refuse to let them get away with it. I like to do my shopping super early in the morning or super late. That way I don’t have to mess with like ….people….

  2. Ali says:

    One whole hour of shopping? :rockthefuckon: lol
    Hope you get it all done on time :)

  3. Lillie A. says:

    Yay for No Place to Run and for making a dent in the shopping! I still haven’t bought the first present. I have a feeling I’m going to be shopping on Christmas Eve. Again. :crying:

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