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Happy December 1st!  If I sound disgustingly cheerful it’s because I finally finished No Place to Run (Also known as KGI 2, and also known as Sam and Sophie)  I’m now working hard on Pillow Talk which is my long novella for the Four Play anthology with Shayla Black (releases next October)  I’m hoping to get a cover for that one soon (fingers crossed)  I should also be seeing a cover for KGI 2 soon and I’m just hoping it’s as awesome as the cover for KGI 1, The Darkest Hour because damn that cover makes me squee like a girl.

December is just an insane month.  Every year I tell myself I’ll schedule better and not have so much work in addition to all the other madness that is December but every year for some reason I end up with more stuff at the end of the year than any other time. *shrug*  Maybe I’m just mental like that. Or maybe December wouldn’t BE December if we didn’t get to bitch about it…

House stuff is moving along.  Personally I think xanex should be issued with house contracts.  They make you sign, then hand you xanex to prepare you for the thirty days of ridiculous that follows until the closing.  I can’t think of too many things more stressful than buying or selling a home. Lucky me…I get to do both.

If I start not making sense in my blog posts from here on out you’ll know either I lost my ever loving mind during the paperwork stage OR they caved and gave me xanex and I loaded up on the happy pills.

And I still have to start my Christmas shopping…

Hold me!


3 thoughts on “December!”

  1. azteclady says:


    (if you think orange sugar cookies would help, gimme a shout–no can do on the xanax, though)

  2. Emily says:

    At least you CAN sell your house. Ours is going up for auction and we’re taking a HUGE ASS loss!! But that is better then continuing to make 2 house payments. I’m thinking the zoloft that I took during DH’s deployment is starting to sound good. I couldn’t get sad and cry when I was taking them!!
    And if you need a little happy lift, go book shopping! LOL!
    can’t wait to see the new cover!!!*g*

  3. LOL….if they don’t give you the xanax, then a good bottle of wine, or some chocolate…especially chocolate always make me feel better :eatchoc:.

    What needs to get done will get done…everything else can wait…and do all of your Christmas shopping online and pay for them to giftwrap it all :) Hire a maid if you can…and even better if you can afford it hire someone to come pack your house. They are worth every penney…even though I can’t afford it myself I would most certainly go this route if I had the moulah.

    Happy Holidays!

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