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December (well almost)

It’s a positively gorgeous morning here. I woke up to the most spectacular sunrise. Well, the first thing that popped into my head was “Red sky in morning sailor take warning” lol. The sky was a very bright red with golden hues.

It’s about 60 degrees, clear skies, the birds are chirping and it’s starting to rain leaves. I love December in South Texas. It’s truly one of our most gorgeous weather months of the year.

In writing, I’ve written 13 thousand words in the last two days. Im hoping to keep that progress up through Monday which would put me back on track to finish under my self-imposed deadline with ease. So here’s hoping I have another productive day :woot:

2 thoughts on “December (well almost)”

  1. Holy macaroni! I bow down! Is that average?!


  2. judie stewart says:

    Hey Maya,

    All I got to say is :whoo: and hurry! I am a waiting!

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