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Cover Redux

So here is the new cover for “For Her Pleasure.” What do you think? I’ve had split opinions so far :lol2: It’s running about 50/50 on whether the new one is better than the old one. BUT I do think it is an improvement over the first one because my original issues have been erased with the new one, so maybe it’s just me, but hey, I’m neurotic that way.

14 thoughts on “Cover Redux”

  1. annmarie mckenna says:

    Um…is it between this one and the one posted on writeminded? Cuz:sweating:I like the one on writeminded myself. Course I don’t know what issues you had with it, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. :)

  2. Maya says:

    I should have posted the link to the other blog entry where I had the first one posted. I’m not operating on all cylinders today *g*

    My complaint with the first one was originality. While there were aspects of the first cover I liked and some that I still prefer over this one, the overall cover is something I’ve seen on quite a few other covers with subtle variations. Well that and the woman on the first cover just looked funky hehe.

  3. Sandra Skidmore says:

    Wow very sexy. But still very beautiful.

  4. Dee says:

    Hee hee…first, I like it, I really do! (And why doesn’t my ass look like that??)

    But I have to admit, my first thought was…erm, where exactly is that white mist coming from?

    In all seriousness, that’s going to grab a lot of eyes! Congrats!

  5. Anne says:

    It’s sweet and sexy! Albeit in a dreamy Victoria Secrets kinda way. I think NY cover designers are stuck in one mindset when it comes to erotic romance: Gaussian blur and MORE Gaussian blur, dammit!

  6. Maya says:

    Amen to all the blur and fuzz! They just need to hire you, Anne ;)

    I think this is one of those cases where the cover on the actual book will look better than the computer image (Im hoping) because the smaller you make cover 1 OR cover 2 you just can’t see either one of them. Too much white and mist :purplelaugh:

  7. Edie says:

    This one gets my vote. Like you said, the other one’s been done before.

  8. Charlene says:

    I like this better than the feather one, but only because there’s no confusion over what I’m actually looking at. Something about the body looked wrong in the other one. Both are very nice, though, with the colors, the white, the font. Beautiful, sexy, classy. I like it!

  9. Debbie E says:

    I like Maya and I do wish I looked like her because then I would really cross over the the BAD side. LOL!!!

    Congrats and the truth be told – I just need to see you name & I’ll buy it.

    But for the other people that don’t know you yet = this is appealing to the eye. We all dream at some time to have the perfect body.


  10. Robin S. says:

    I definitely like this version better. I’ve seen so many that looked like the first version that it was too overdone. Although I’m jealous of the a** on that woman, I still love the cover. Where did the pretty purple letter color go? :pout:
    All in all – a great improvement!
    Robin S.

  11. Maya says:

    Charli, EXACTLY! I didn’t want to plant before lol, but honestly the first one? If you cover up her belly button with your finger then look at the rest, it looks like she’s facing AWAY and that the ribcage is her shoulder blade and that she has her arm extended and rotated back just slightly. I wondered if they’d painted the belly button on the wrong side *snicker*

    Debbie, you’re too sweet! :))

    And Robin, like you, I’m jealous of her ass. I can safely say I’ll NEVER have one even close to hers. :crying:

  12. Sara A. says:

    Hi Maya,

    I definitely like the second cover better! I love those panties, so sexy. And yes, I’m jealous of her butt! It’s really a great cover. I agree about your name though. I had to look for it!


  13. Maya says:

    Sara, that’s one of the things I’ve asked them to change (the fact that you can’t see my name) So hopefully I’ll get version number three soon :whoo:

  14. Holly says:

    OMG my hubby is drooling over the screen! He just keeps saying “Oh My”, you are going to turn him into an avid reader yet!! I can’t wait to read it. Can they put your name in purple?? I miss the purple.


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