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It’s always nice to get good news amidst the craziness of everything else. :cheer: This has been a nutty month workwise, even with taking a week’s vacation, or maybe I should say in spite of the vacation.

Anyway, I sold another project to Berkley. This one’s a bit different and it’s separate from my individual contracts with HEAT and Sensation. Shayla Black and I will be writing a duet anthology for HEAT. We’re both excited about it, as are our editors.

No idea yet when it will be released as we just closed the deal, but it won’t be any earlier than late 2010 because of mine and Shayla’s writing schedule. The good news is we both will have plenty of books out between now and then :woot:

I can guarantee that it will be hot and hopefully worth the wait for our readers. :whoo:

One thought on “Cool News”

  1. Chery McInnis says:

    I’m very excited about this one !
    I love both yours and Shayla/Shelley’s writing so this will be a double treat!

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