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Colters’ Woman printing error

I wanted to give you all a heads up on an issue I’ve discovered with the PRINT re-issue of Colters’ Woman. I don’t want there to be any confusion!

I received a copy yesterday of the re-issue and really it’s gorgeous. I love the wrap around cover and it has the covers of Colters’ Lady and Colters’ Daughter on the back :))) Anyway, I flipped to the back where the new short story was placed and saw that it had the wrong title on the title page :(

The PRINT version of the re-issue has the title of the new short story as “Colters’ Wife” but obviously this was the free read title that I had on my website and the Free download that will be offered on April 6th at MBaM and other online stores. It SHOULD have said “Callie’s Meadow” as that is the actual title. But the STORY is the correct one. I’d hate for anyone to get to that point say “oh I already read that” and put the book down because it IS new material.

The first print run is already done and shipped so there’s nothing to be done until the next print run where the correction will be made.

The EBOOK version is correct and has the title page “Callie’s Meadow”. I have no idea how this happened and you have my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately mistakes do occur in publishing.

So the wrap up is, Colters’ Wife is STILL a free download. It’s just been formatted into all the different ebook formats and will be released on April 6th when the re-issue of Colters’ Woman is released. The brand new short story in the back of the print book IS Callie’s Meadow, and it IS new material. It’s just CALLED “Colters’ Wife” ;)

Clear as mud?


8 thoughts on “Colters’ Woman printing error”

  1. Midnight says:

    clear! :cheer:


  2. Angela H. says:

    Clear as crystal… Thanks so much and I look forward to getting in in April.. Have a great day.

  3. Sabrina says:

    All is clear on my end (even though it took me a moment to understand it:headscratch:).

  4. Moran says:

    Thanks for the heads up- my copy is on his way and I can’t wait to re read Colters’ Woman and finally owning it in print.

  5. Anita McCaskey says:

    Yeah, I noticed that when I was flipping through Colter’s Woman at B&N yesterday. I flipped to the back and there was “Colters Wife”. I began reading it and was like, “what’s going on?” Thank for the explanation. Really makes me EVEN MORE excited for Colter’s Lady — if that’s possible!!!


  6. Mary Newins says:

    I ordered Colters’ Lady last week for my Nook from B&N fully expecting Callie’s Meadow to be included. B&N’s website stated it was a revised version of the book. Unfortunately it didn’t include Callie’s Meadow. Very disappointing since I already had the earlier print version and the only reason for the recent purchase was to read Callie’s Meadow.

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