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Colters’ Gift ARC winners!

Sorry this is so late! I’ve been holed up in a hotel all week working on getting my deadline done and I hadn’t even realized what day it was!

Anyway here is the list of winners. This time, to avoid any potential confusion, I not only posted the name and comment number but the comment itself. So scroll down to see if you won. To compare the comment numbers and comments you have to look back at the ORIGINAL contest post and go to the comment number.

If you WON, please send me your mailing address to The ARCs will go out in the mail Monday morning PROVIDED I hear back from everyone and all mailing addresses are submitted.

If I don’t hear from you by Monday morning, I’ll award the book to someone else.

Here’s the list and congrats to all the winners!

Comment 654–Rachel Morrell

Colter’s woman is my favorite, but Colter’s promise is a very close second. This was the first Maya Banks I discovered, other than a couple of Desire books by Maya – so I have a special place in my heart for that particular book.

Comment 304–Tara Duessel says:

Colter’s lady. I loved the dynamics with Lily and the boys!! Awesome!!

Comment 216–Lisa Boykin says:

Love them all, but the original, Colter’s Woman, is the one that hooked me. The way Holly got through Ryan’s walls….. *sigh*

Comment 164–Robin Priddy says:

I have read all of the Colter’s Legacy series and loved all of them. My favorite is Colter’s Woman. I can’t wait to read Colter’s Gift.

Comment 57–Heather Swanson says:

How can a person chose a favorite? I love all your books and fall in love with all your hero’s they are what fantasies and dreams are made of. :) can’t wait for more books from you.

Comment 252–Natasha House says:

Colter’s Woman is my all time fave!! It just caught me so unprepared and I loved it!! The character interaction, the story line – I just found no faults with this book! I could read about all of these characters forever! It will always be a favorite of mine!

Comment 506–Shay Brown says:

Colters Daughter is my favorite I love that callie has some fire in her

Comment 30–Lisa Sharpton says:

Colter’s woman is my favorite, but have and loved them all!

12 thoughts on “Colters’ Gift ARC winners!”

  1. Maggie F. says:

    Congrats to all the winner :)

  2. Melissa H says:

    Congrats to all the winners :-)

  3. Lena Dublin says:

    Congrats everyone!

  4. Carmen says:

    Congrats everybody!!!

  5. Sarah DeShields-Bass says:

    Congrats to all the winners, you guys are lucky :)

  6. Thelritta Harrison says:

    Congratulations everyone.

  7. kym barry says:

    congrats to the winners – of course i am not at all green with envy – much – lol lol

  8. Regina says:

    Congrats to all of the winners.


  9. Jennifer McNees says:

    This was so fun! Congrats to the winners! I can not wait until the book release!!!!

  10. Katheen O says:

    Congrats to all the lucky winners..

  11. nadiah says:

    LOve the breathless trilogy esp. BURN Ash is by far my favorite guy the way he goes all out risking everything for josie aww

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