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Christmas Tree is up…

Pressies are wrapped (what I have so far anyway) Christmas music is playing and now I’m just waiting on the cold front due in on Thursday :dunno:

Thanksgiving was fun. Spent it with my dad, stepmom, sister and brother in law and of course my new baby niece, Ella. I actually worked some over the holiday, but not as much as I should have. I actually didn’t open my computer for two of those days. I did most of my work on the trip up and back.

I’m down to the wire on my proposal that I need to turn in. But my problem was, I had a story, I had characters, and I had a plot, but I had no conflict. Thank goodness I had a eureka moment earlier today and so I’ve been furiously hacking my synopsis to bits and reworking it. I’ll be hiding in my writing cave this week. If I don’t come out by Friday, someone send somebody in after me. :beam:

11 thoughts on “Christmas Tree is up…”

  1. Holly says:

    I am sneaking on here taking a wrapping break…shhhh….:kap:

  2. Nixson says:

    Who’s got the best deals for this right now?

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  9. Serice says:

    Hey, that was a nice one….

    Owen out for 3 weeks, Giggs scores 150 goals for United, United leads Group B in Champions League…

  10. Ahmed says:

    Hey, that was a nice one….

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