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Check and check

Two HUGE things are now checked off my to do list. :banana: :cheer: Just when I feared never getting anything done, I managed to finish up my proposal AND get it off to my agent AND I finished getting all my ARC packages together, addressed envelopes, everything is FINISHED.

Now all I have left to do is my galleys, which arrived last week. And then all I have to concentrate on is writing. Which I love. It’s hard when all the non writing things that have everything to do with my publishing career keep cropping up. Now maybe I’ll have time to unpack from RT….

But all that aside, I’m taking tomorrow off. For Mother’s Day, the weather is going to be fantabulous, but even better? BLUE WATER day. :fishing: Blue water days are rare on the Texas Coast. We missed a greenish water today, which is fantastic enough. My son had a baseball game and my other son had a band event. So tomorrow, we’re packing up the fishing gear, packing a picnic and we’re going to be beach bums the entire day. Water will be like glass and blue as far as the eye can see. Sigh… I can’t wait! I’ll snap some pics if I remember to take my camera.

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