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BURN ARC winners!

Ok as promised guys, here are the FIVE lucky winners of an ARC of BURN! If you see your name below, please email me at and provide your mailing address so I can ship your book out to you.

You have until Monday morning (early) to claim your book as my assistant will be popping everything in the mail Monday morning before we head off to Girlie’s World Series next week :)

I made my assistant write down all 1300 plus numbers and draw winners by comment number. I’m sure she LOVES me about now hahahah.

So here they are. And Congratulations!

Comment #26- Nancy Bozeman
Comment #711-Sandie Buckley
Comment #852- Marlo Whitfield
Comment #1101- Mistie M
Comment #1257- Kristina Longoria

As I said, you have until MONDAY morning EARLY to get your info to me. If you fail to provide your address by 10:00 am CST Monday then your book will be given away on twitter. So get to emailing me! :))

Thanks to everyone for playing! xoxo <3 <3 <3

12 thoughts on “BURN ARC winners!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations everyone!

  2. Patricia Camp says:

    awesome wtg yall

  3. Brianne says:

    Congrats all!!

  4. Steph says:

    Is it awful that I hope one of those winners forgets to get her their information?

    Yes. But I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I’m a ruthless reader and for that I will not apologize.

    Okay. Okay. Whatever. Congratulations!

    1. Sue G. says:

      :) I agree!

    2. ayanna says:

      Your not wrong, I was hoping the same thing

  5. Robbye says:

    Congratulations to the winners and happy reading.

  6. Doreen says:

    Congrats to all the winners. I guess I’m outta luck if somebody doesn’t claim their book b/c I don’t twitter :p

  7. LeeAnn Pratt says:

    congrats to the lucky winners…

  8. Mistie M says:

    thanks so much, just sent my info .. sorry Steph!

  9. Nikay says:

    I am so sad that this was the last book!!!!! I want more MAYA!!! I do believe Burn is the best of the three! Each book got better and better, hated to finish it :(

    1. Selena Boyd says:

      omg there should be another one, where jace and ash are married and atlease one couple has a baby!!!!

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