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Ok so I know I went on and on about taking a break after finishing my book. Uhm that hasn’t happened yet. Too many little things to take care of that I let pile up while I was finishing the BOOK. But it’s done YAY! oopps sorry I had to put that in there again. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a wee bit relieved to be finished.

The cool news? And yes, I’m getting off track. I tend to do that. A lot. I have two readers who I trust very much when it comes to providing feedback. And bless their hearts, they always get the rough, not polished yet version of my stories and still they read them. Well, I sent them the BOOK with dread in my heart because see, I’ve hated the last THREE books I’ve written. As in hated every aspect of them while writing. And as soon as I finished them and edited etc, I put them away and did not open them again. When I got edits for the first book I hated, I was surprised that they were light, but then as I read, something amazing happened. I didn’t hate the book. In fact, it was pretty good. :fainting: And then I picked up book 2 to read weeks and weeks after finishing, and uhm gee, that one didn’t suck either. I really, really liked it.

So here I am at book three that I hated every word of when writing it. I sent it off to my readers and they wrote back that they loved it. One even said she liked it BETTER than For Her Pleasure, which uhm kind of blew me away because A. she really liked FHP and B. I’ve always thought FHP was my best written Maya book. So now I’m afraid to go back and read it and I won’t. Not this soon. I won’t pick it up again until I get edits because then sufficient time will have passed that I can look at it with clear eyes. But I’m hoping, really hoping, that it’s going to be good. Because my readers have really really given me a teeny tiny bit of hope to cling to :lol2:

So anyway, back to the little things that pile up. I kinda er uhm forgot that I had galleys in my in box, so I did those yesterday. And then I have this really short story that I promised to have written and turned in by uhm next week. :oops: And then I got edits for Beyond the Night yesterday so uhm I’ve been working today. No break in sight. Good news is edits are done and turned in and I’ve written half of the short story. So MAYBE by say Thursday? I’ll get started on that break. I have books leftover from vacation to read and I can’t wait to get to them.

But squee again! My readers loved the BOOK. :banana:

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  1. barbara says:

    Don’t work so hard Maya. I bet the books are great because I read all your books and like them all.:woot:

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