Into the Mist

Book 1 in the Falcon Mercenary Group Series

Eli Chance has a secret. He was born a shifter. A freak of nature.

On a mission to recover hostages, his men were exposed to a powerful chemical agent, and suddenly his secret became easier to hide. Now he’s not the only one with the gift. Or is it a curse?


Tyana Berezovsky’s brother guided Eli’s team on their mission and was the worst affected of the group. He grows increasingly more unstable, and Ty fears she’s going to lose him. She’ll do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means coming face to face with her darkest fears and her deepest desires.

Into the Mist

Tyana balled her fingers into tight fists at her sides and readied herself for the coming confrontation. The hairs at the nape of her neck prickled and stood on end, just as they had that night in Singapore, and there was a chill in the air. She knew he was here. She felt him.

A slight shift in the air alerted her to Eli’s movement just seconds before he materialized at the end of the bed.

He stood in a relaxed pose, studying her indolently. She glared and sized him up.

“How did you know I would be here?” she demanded.

He cocked one eyebrow at her. “How did you know I’d be in Singapore?”

She shrugged. “Lucky guess?”

“What do you want?”

Her eyes narrowed. She eased sideways, putting more distance between her and the bed. Eli backed a step away, his stance growing more wary. Maybe he remembered the last time she put him on his ass.

She smirked. “Afraid of a girl?”

His eyes glittered with amusement. “Afraid I’ll make you want me again?”

She didn’t dignify the remark with a response.

She closed in and the two circled each other, hands up, feet barely making a sound across the floor.

“You know, I’d much rather fuck you than fight with you.”

She lashed out with a fist only to have her punch blocked by his forearm.

“Well, if you insist,” he murmured.

Annoyance bubbled just under the surface, not that she’d give him the satisfaction of reacting. He irritated the piss out of her, and nothing would give her greater pleasure than taking him down again.

She feinted right with her fist then kicked low with her foot, catching him just below the knee. She grinned when he stumbled back and caught himself on the desk.

“Feisty little wench.”

She glared him down and closed in again. He was toying with her, and that pissed her off. Hell, everything about the man made her want to grind her teeth.

When he made a move toward her, she danced back, then kicked again, this time connecting with his thigh. Inches from his groin. She grinned when he covered his privates and backed off.

“Now, sugar, we can’t have any fun tonight if you damage the goods.”

She rolled her eyes. “If I had meant to kick you in the balls I would have, cowboy. Now shut the hell up and fight. Or are you too much of a pussy to fight with a girl?”

Before she could blink, he rotated and executed a sweeping kick. She landed on her ass and quickly scrambled up before he could take advantage.
She rubbed her butt as she cautiously circled him once more. He gave her a lazy smile and winked.

“My mama always taught me it wasn’t respectful to hit a girl.”

“What about a bitch?” she challenged.

“Are you just wanting me to hit you?” he asked.

“Who says you’ll get the chance?”

She purposely let him get close and then she punched him right in the chin. His head snapped back, and he wiped his face with his hand. He lost some of the teasing look, and she smirked again.

And then he disappeared.

She whirled around, trying to get a bead on his location. Damn shifter.

A prickle of awareness skated down her spine, but before she could react, two very human arms snaked around her from behind and trapped her arms to her sides.

“Now, sugar, why do you want to be all violent?” he purred in her ear.

She reared her head back, satisfied when she made contact, and he grunted in pain. She twisted and kicked, but he held on to her.

He picked up her struggling body and tossed her onto the bed. She landed with a thump and rolled over just as he came down on top of her.

An electric shock scorched up her body as his heat bled into her skin. He yanked both her arms high over her head and held them as he stared down at her.

“I believe this round goes to me.”

It shouldn’t be legal for a man to be this sexy, and worse, to know it. Perfectly straight, white teeth flashed as he grinned. Bastard had probably read her thoughts.

“Yeah, so what are you going to do about it?” she demanded.

He transferred her wrists to one hand and propped himself up off her body with the other. It wouldn’t be too hard to escape since he was only holding her with one hand, but damn it, she had no desire to go anywhere at the moment. Not until he did something about the unspoken promise in his eyes.

Without speaking, he lowered his head and closed his mouth around her nipple, through the satin material of her camisole. She flinched when his teeth grazed over the point. To her dismay, a small moan escaped her lips.

His head came up, and he grinned again. Cocky bastard. It was time to change the dynamics of this little rendezvous. She wanted him. No sense denying it. But she was going to have him on her terms. He’d dictated the action the first time, but screw that.

She slid her knee between his legs, wrenched her arms free and rolled hard, landing on top of him with her knee jammed against his balls.

He didn’t fight, much to her disappointment. He just lay there staring at her with those sexy dark eyes. The earring glinted in the lamplight, and his black hair lay strewn on the pillow.

“This begs the question, now that you’ve got the man at your mercy, what are you going to do with him?” he drawled.

“Oh, shut up,” she muttered. She lowered her lips to his and took him. Hard.

Their tongues tangled, wet, hot. His hands yanked at her camisole as her fingers tugged at his shirt. She fumbled with the fly of his jeans, becoming impatient when she couldn’t get it unbuttoned.

He tossed her camisole across the room, and then he pushed her aside. “Give me just a second, sugar, and I’m all yours.” He rolled over and shimmied out of his jeans. His shirt, shoes and underwear went sailing through the air and hit the wall.

He flopped back onto the bed. “Now, where were we?”

She straddled his body just below his groin and stared down at his turgid erection. Unable to resist, she reached out and touched it. It bobbed and jerked in reaction.

She closed her hand around the base, warm, soft, yet so hard. “I hope you brought your own condoms this time, cowboy. I wasn’t exactly planning to run into you again.”

“If you’ll let go of that, sugar, I’ll run into the bathroom and get one. In case you didn’t notice, these highfalutin hotels come stocked with all the necessities.”

She eased off of him and sat on the edge of the bed as he got up. He strode naked to the bathroom, giving her a prime view of his ass. His very nice ass.

Tyana groaned and closed her eyes. Since when did she go around eyeballing a man’s ass? And why this man? Why was there such a powerful attraction? He irritated her, even as she wanted to bite him, lick him and explore all those nice sexual feelings he inspired.

She was determined not to analyze this. Just go with it. Enjoy it. The closer she got to him, the more she could learn about his stability and if there was a way to help D.

Satisfied with her reasoning, she reclined on the bed to await Eli’s return. Not that she needed a reason to have sex. She could enjoy it just like the other billion people on the planet.

“Shut up,” she muttered.

She looked up when she heard Eli. For a moment, she second-guessed her decision to indulge in sex with this man. Was it the end of the world? No. But she’d feel better if she just beat him to a pulp and pried what information she needed from him.

“Now where were we?” Eli said as he lowered his body onto the bed next to her.

She shoved him onto his back and resumed her position astride his hips. “I believe we were here.”

He held his hand out, the condom package between his fingers. “By all means.”

She tossed the condom onto the bed beside them, in no hurry this time. If she was going to indulge, then she was going to opt for more than a quick tumble. She wanted to touch, explore, experience what she’d been missing out on.

She scooted down his legs but kept her knees on either side. She placed her palms on his thighs and slowly moved them up his body, enjoying the roughness of his skin and the slight scratch of hair.

When her hands reached his firm stomach, she leaned down and gently blew over the head of his cock. He sucked in his breath—in anticipation? Her tongue darted out, and she tasted him. No condom interfered this time.

She ran her tongue around the blunt head and then down the length of his shaft. His hands balled into fists at his sides as he moaned.

Addicted to the feel of him against her lips and loving the sounds of appreciation he made, she became bolder and took him into her mouth.

She sucked deep and smiled as he arched into her. He filled her, and she wanted more. Her tongue stroked up and down as she continued to tease and taunt him.

His hands, no longer content at his sides, tangled in her hair, pulling her down to meet his impatient thrusts. She gripped his hip with one hand and curled her other hand around his cock. She squeezed and worked her fingers up and down, following the motion of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ, you have to stop.”

The statement sounded ragged. Like it had been ripped from him under duress. She stopped her upward motion and held the tip in her mouth as she looked at him. He stared down at her, his fingers gripping her hair. His eyes glittered with need and had an almost pained quality to them.

“Am I doing it wrong?” she asked huskily as she let him fall from her lips.

“God no. If you do it any better, I won’t be able to stay conscious.”

She smiled. “Well then, why did you want me to stop?”

He rose up and grabbed her by the shoulders, rolling until she fell under him. “Because, you little wench, it was about to be all over before it began.”

She hooked her leg over his and shoved, rotating them back over until she was on top. “That would be a great shame, since I plan to enjoy you for quite a while.”

He arched a brow and reached out to her breast. “I do believe I like the sound of that,” he murmured as he rolled a thumb over her nipple.

She shuddered and arched into his caress.

“Like that?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Come here,” he said. He reached behind her and cupped her ass then pulled her closer to him. His hands smoothed up her back until they touched her shoulder blades, and he pressed her down so that his mouth captured her breast.

She closed her eyes as he licked and nibbled at one nipple and then turned his attention to the other. His erection was sandwiched between his stomach and her pussy, and each movement, no matter how slight, sent spasms through her groin. Her clit buzzed and tingled, and she shifted, trying to bring him into closer contact.

“You want top or bottom?” he asked.

“I’m surprised you’re giving me a choice,” she murmured.

He rolled them again, until he was positioned over her. “I can go that route. I just figured you’d kick my ass if I got too pushy.”

She shoved and rotated until she was back on top. “Who says I won’t? I merely said I was surprised you offered.”

“You still haven’t answered the question.”

“Hmmm, why don’t I get the condom out and then we see where things lead?”

“Good idea.”

She reached for the wrapper and tore it open. Moving her body back until she straddled his knees, she reached down to roll the condom over his straining cock.

“At least it’s not red this time,” he muttered.

She laughed. “Did I scar you for life with the colored cock?”

“You have a sick sense of humor,” he said darkly.

She scooted back up his body and placed her hands on his taut belly. “You have such a great body,” she murmured.

He ran his hands over her shoulders and down until he cupped both breasts. “The feeling is entirely mutual.”

He moved lower until his fingers dug into her hips. He lifted her as though she weighed nothing and settled her over his cock. For a moment he held her there, prolonging the sensation. Then he lowered her until she sheathed him completely.

They both sighed with satisfaction.

“I could die happy,” he said.

“Be careful what you wish for,” she warned. He moved so quick she barely had time to blink before she was underneath him, pinned to the bed. He was so deep inside her that she could barely breathe. Both her hands were above her head, held tight with one of his. And now she knew he’d merely been playing with her before.

She narrowed her eyes. “I was only joking.”

He rolled his hips against hers, driving deeper. “Funny, but I don’t believe you.”

Dizzying heat bloomed in her abdomen, raced through her pelvis. Each time he withdrew and rocketed forward again, her body tensed a bit more. Pressure built and squeezed until she writhed helplessly beneath him.

“If I wanted you dead, you would be,” she gritted out.

He slid out of her until the head of his dick barely rimmed her entrance. He palmed her breast with his free hand and tweaked her nipple until it stood stiff and erect. Then he bent down and nipped sharply just as he slammed back into her.

“Am I supposed to be grateful?” he murmured around a mouthful of her breast.

“I’m going to change my mind about killing you if you don’t start moving.”

He chuckled softly against her nipple then lapped it with his tongue.

“Fuck me, damn it.”

He reached down, grabbed her right leg and hooked his arm underneath. He pulled upward, spreading her wider. It made her feel vulnerable. Way more exposed.

“Oh, I’ll fuck you, sugar. Buckle down for a long, hard ride.”

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Into the Mist

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Maya Banks

May 27, 2015


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