Book 1 in the Brazen & Reckless Duo

One woman’s campaign to win the hearts of the two men she loves.

Jasmine left the Sweetwater Ranch and the Morgan brothers, no longer able to bear the painful dilemma of loving them both. After a year away in which she gains new perspective, she returns home with one goal. To make Seth and Zane Morgan hers.


Jaz may have left an innocent girl, but she’s returned a beautiful, sensual woman. Seth and Zane aren’t prepared for the full on assault she launches and each are battling an attraction they’ve fought for years. She wants them both, but Seth has no intention of sharing his woman. It’s up to her to change his mind because she can’t and won’t choose between two men she loves with equal passion. For her, it’s all or nothing.


Jasmine stood beside the bed, watching him sleep. For several long moments, she didn’t move. She barely breathed. She merely watched the smooth rise and fall of Seth’s chest. The sheets were in a bunch at his waist, and she could just see the waistband of his boxers resting below his navel.

One arm rested across his taut belly while the other lay on the pillow next to his head. It was all Jasmine could do not to reach out and touch him. To trace the lines of his body, curving around the firm muscles and ridges. She wanted to bathe the room in light so she could see better, but that would have to wait.

Carefully, she lifted the handcuffs and moved closer to the bed. No sound betrayed her as she leaned over to secure one cuff around one of the slats of the headboard. She held her breath as she snapped it in place, relieved that there was barely a discernable click.

Her heart began racing as she inched toward his wrist. She would have to be fast. No stealth about this part. Reach and snap before he could react. Then back the hell away and get the lights.

She was just grateful he didn’t sleep with his gun close by. All she needed was to be mistaken for an intruder.

She took a deep breath, held it, grabbed his wrist with one hand and snapped the handcuff around it with the other. He jerked in surprise and she stumbled backward, her hand seeking the light switch.

“What the fuck?” Seth exploded just as her hand collided with the wall. She swiped and hit the light switch.

He threw his free arm over his eyes and tried to sit up, but his manacled wrist made it awkward. He threw his arm down and locked onto Jasmine with his furious gaze.

He glanced at his handcuffed wrist. Then back at Jasmine. She stood, knees shaking with a combination of adrenaline and fear.

“Jasmine, what the fuck kind of stunt are you pulling?” he demanded. “Get me the hell out of these handcuffs. Now.”

She stiffened her spine, put her chin up and stepped forward, her gaze never wavering from his.

She didn’t respond. The time for words wasn’t now. He was probably too pissed to listen anyway.

She let her fingers flutter down to the snap of her jeans. She fumbled for a second before releasing the fly. The sound of her zipper easing downward made him frown even harder.

“Jasmine, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but don’t…goddamn it, Jasmine, put your pants back on.”

She smiled and stepped out of the confining denim. She’d worn lacy panties, barely a scrap. But they were feminine and sexy. Slowly and with great care, she slid her hands up her hips until her fingers brushed the bottom of her shirt.

She curled her hands underneath the hem and began tugging upward. Seth swore again. “Jasmine, stop it. You don’t want to do this.”

She ignored him and pulled the shirt over her head, leaving her in just her bra and underwear. She reached into the vee of her bra and pulled the key to the handcuffs free. She let it fall to her skin where it dangled from the satin ribbon she wore around her neck.

One step. Then another. Her knees bumped the edge of the bed and she met Seth’s heated gaze once more. She fingered the key, pulling it away from her chest so he could clearly see it.

“This is the key to the handcuffs,” she said softly. “You get it when you get close enough to touch it. If you still want out by then.”

She let the taunt land with just the right amount of challenge. His eyes narrowed, but they never left her body.

“Let me out,” he gritted through his teeth. “If this is your attempt at manipulation—”

She reached behind her to tug at the hook on her bra. “Manipulation?” She shrugged. “I suppose, if that’s the way you want to view it. I prefer to think of it as taking the initiative.”

The bra straps slid from her shoulders, and she momentarily held the cups in place before finally allowing them to fall from her body.

He looked as though he was prepared to launch into another demand, so she inserted her fingers under the filmy band of her panties and began to slide her underwear down her legs.

She heard his intake of breath at the same moment he looked away. His jaw was set, so firmly clenched she could see the strain in his face.

“Seth.” He didn’t turn toward her. “Look at me,” she said.

With seeming reluctance, he turned his head to face her once more.

“See me,” she whispered.

His eyes tracked her movement as she knelt on the bed. She leaned toward him, her hair falling over her shoulders. She reached for the sheet, tugging until it came away from his body.

The bed shook as he yanked at his wrist. “Goddamn it, Jasmine, this has gone far enough.” His voice, furious, laced with an edgy, needy, coarseness that excited her, washed over her skin.

“What will you do, Seth?” she asked mildly. “Call for help? Do you think Zane will come to your rescue? Or maybe Carmen?”

She dropped the sheet and crawled closer to his hips, careful to stay just out of arm’s reach. His erection was straining against his boxers, and if he shifted so much as a centimeter, his cock would slide right through the slit in the front.

A little nudge ought to do it.

She pulled at the cotton material and watched in fascination as his cock broke free of constraint and jutted upward. He grabbed at his shorts with his free hand, trying to arrange them back.

She stopped him with her hand. It was chancy, getting close enough that he could grab her. But she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. He might secretly devise a scheme to kill her, but it would remain fantasy. Just like hers was to lick every single inch of his skin.

When she wrapped her fingers around his hard cock, he groaned. In fascination, she worked her hand up and down, enjoying the silken smoothness of his skin. So soft. Incongruous with the thread of steel she could feel just beneath that satiny layer.

His hand fell away, hitting the bed at his side. She inched closer, inserting her knee between his thighs. At first he tensed as though he’d lock her out, but as she became more insistent, he relaxed.

Soon she crawled between his legs, and she chanced a look up at him. He watched her through half-lidded eyes. His gaze still burned with anger, but it also simmered with lust. Need.

“Do you know what I’m going to do?” she whispered. She continued working up and down in a slow motion, her fist gripping his cock in a tight sheathe. “I’m going to make you so crazy, that you’ll beg me for mercy.”

“Never,” he gritted out.

She smiled then. The smile of a woman confident in her power of seduction. He’d thrown down the gauntlet and they both knew it.

Her hand fell away from his cock, and she dug her fingers into the waistband of his shorts. She pulled, but he wasn’t cooperating. She couldn’t budge his big body.

She sat back and smirked. “Surely you don’t think something as insignificant as that will deter me?”

He looked suspiciously at her as she got up from the bed. She walked naked to the door and opened it. She glanced back at him, nearly laughing at his look of astonishment. “Oh, I’ll be back,” she said.

“Damn it, Jasmine, you can’t go parading around butt-ass naked.”

She arched a brow. “Who’s going to see me?” She turned and left him swearing from the bed.

She darted down to her room to get the pair of scissors she should have thought to bring in the first place. When she returned a moment later, Seth was hard at work trying his best to break the headboard.

He stopped when he saw her, and he looked a little worried as he stared at the scissors in her hand.

She continued on and resumed her spot on the bed. She held the scissors up then neatly slid them underneath the leg of his shorts. “I’d be very still if I were you,” she murmured.

“When did you get so goddamn evil?” he demanded.

“When did you get so goddamn stubborn?”

She sliced through his shorts, and after a few more strategic cuts, the material fell away to bare him completely. He shifted his hips as if trying to escape or roll over, but she straddled his legs. She loved the hair roughened scratch of his skin over the tender insides of her thighs.

“Now to make you beg,” she murmured.

She felt him stiffen. His muscles bunched and rolled underneath her. She splayed her hands over his hips, bent down and gently blew on his cock.

He shivered.

Growing bolder and more confident by the minute, she flicked out her tongue and licked the tip. His cock jumped and she moved her hand from his hip to encircle the base.

“Jasmine, you have to stop. We can’t do this. You have no idea what you’re starting.”

She slid the head past her lips and let her tongue dance around the edge. She smiled as he swore again. Slowly and with exacting precision, she inched lower, taking him further into her mouth.

He was protesting far too much with no conviction.

He tasted rugged and hard, just like he looked. She squeezed her hand a little tighter, exerting firmer pressure as she worked her mouth up and down.

Then she sucked her way to the top and released his cock. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked huskily. “Really?”

“No goddamn you, I don’t want you to stop.”

“Tell me you want me.”

His mouth closed in a firm line as he glared at her. She moved a little higher, leaning forward. Her hair brushed across his belly, and she released his dick. The tip bumped her in the stomach as she rose over him.

“Tell me, Seth,” she said breathlessly.

His hand flew up and grabbed at the key hanging from the ribbon. He yanked downward and freed it. She glanced down in dismay as he palmed the key then rotated up to jam it into the lock of the cuffs.

Her hopes fell. Disappointment made her eyes sting.

He jerked his arm free and flung the cuffs across the room. Then he rose up and yanked her to him. Her body fell against his hard chest at the same time their lips collided.

His hands tangled in her hair as he kissed her in breathless abandon. He rolled, taking her with him, tucking her underneath his body as her back met the mattress.

“I want you,” he growled. “Happy? Now we’ll see who begs.”

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Maya Banks

Nov 4, 2014


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is Book 1 in the Brazen & Reckless Duo

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