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Book Buying Binge

Two Amazon orders and one eharlequin order later, it’s obvious that A. I’m on a book binge, and B. I’ll do just about anything to avoid my current proposal. I haven’t bought many print books lately. I’ve been buying a lot of ebooks, though. I seem to go in cycles where I’ll find a lot of one or the other that intrigue me, but for some reason it never happens concurrently.

I’m in a rut with ebooks. I’ve read a few really good ones lately, and I’ll be talking about them next week over at Writeminded, but on the whole, I’m just not feeling the love with ebooks lately. Dunno if it’s me, if it’s just a dry spell or I’m just being pickier than I used to be.

I could say the same for print books, too, though. It’s been a long time since I bought a print book much less bookS. But Im hoping when my three boxes come in, I’ll find something I love within those pages. :chowtime:

And for another odd question, because, well, I’m odd, have you ever picked up a book, read it then thought it was the most horrid thing ever, but for some inexplicable reason you’ll actually buy the next one in the series or the next one out by that author? Uhm because this has happened to me. Honestly, the first book I picked up by this author, I was incredulous. It was that bad. But I still read it, even while snorting through some of the more ridiculous passages. I have no explanation for why I bought more or while I’ll buy the next one when it’s out. Maybe I’m a masochist? I still think they’re ridiculous but I’m still buying them. :idontknow:

Maybe I should get out more.

3 thoughts on “Book Buying Binge”

  1. Jen Mc says:

    I go in spurts too but I work at the library so I’m always seeing what’s coming through. I got on book binges too – drives DH crazy because I have STACKS under our bed of books to be read….

  2. cathy says:

    I bought a latest release from a very well known writer, that everyone who read totally raved about. But, based on all the reviews, I seem to be the only one who thought it was a snooze. I read to the end, but totally lost interest half way through. Does that mean I take her off my auto buy list? Am I just bored with the series? Well, anyway, yes, I can relate.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have bought a book in series that I thought had totally gone bad, and then the next because I so loved the series to start with I kept hoping it would get better. But twice is all I am willing to allow an author to disappoint me.

    I just went on a book buying binge too, Sharon. Aren’t they great?

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