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Book Bash winners!

Ok gang, I’m a bit late posting winners but I didn’t get in until LATE last night from the event in NYC. So I”m posting winners below. You’ll have until Friday to email me your info and claim your ticket! If I don’t hear from you, I’ll award the ticket to another entrant.

Here are the winners!

Brenda Hans
Patricia French
Michelle the romance witch
Ginger Groover

Ok ladies! I need you to email me at with BOOK BASH TICKET WINNER in the subject header. And remember! You MUST claim your ticket by Friday!



8 thoughts on “Book Bash winners!”

  1. Julie says:

    OMG just finished forged in Steele,God they just keep getting better,can’t wait for vans book to come out in December,I’m totally KGI addicted.I love all your books but I must say with my brother in the army for 23yrs the Kelley brother’s have a special place in my heart.keep the book’s coming .;)

  2. Sasha says:

    Loved Forged in Steele! One of my favorite KGI books.. right next to the original KGI book of course! Will Handcock be getting his own book?! I hope so.. theres just something about him!

  3. Shashoun says:

    Forged in Steele was great as always! Can’t wait for the next one. I hope Hancock joins KGI and gets his own book.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Forged in Steele…Maya you had me riveted from the start. I finished the book in a day and a half. Excellent! I can’t wait for Donovan`s story. Oh the grief that man will get from the teams and the Kelly clan! Can’t wait!

  5. Michelle says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the KGI series is one of my favorites. You do keep getting better and better! And I gotta say that Forged in Steele is my favorite of the series (Sam’s story did have this honor but Steele came along and blew me away). I was also wondering about Hancock; gotta say he interests me greatly!! Also the new recruits and the new team are a great addition! I can’t wait for more stories! Just wondering if you have any idea yet about who’s next after Donavan? Keep up the great work!

    1. Christina says:

      Oh my god! I completely agree! Please make a book for Hancock. I really want him to become a member of KGI. Absolute bad boy turns good!

  6. Patricia Robinson says:

    Im totally in love with the KGI books..You keep getting better and better…I tell others readres about these series and they are hook also…..I do hope that Hancock gets his lady to..I cant wait for that one…And I also loved ready your other books.You are my number one author of all…Keep writing and I will keep on reading.

  7. Christina Cassels says:

    Oh, my favorite character? It is hard to choose, because they all seem to have just the right amount of all man, dominance and protectiveness just in different ways. I am going to have to choose Jace, he comes from no money, but perservered to make it for Mia and his friends. He also has admitted that he is a stubborn fool that says things before he speaks. Seems to be more true to most men I know. The most important is his sexy as sin ways in bed….I am still looking forward to Ash’s story, I have a feeling when he finally falls its going to be good……

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