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Big Ole Meltdown

Yep, that’s me. In the throes of a nuclear meltdown. Sigh…I hate it when this happens. You’ll note there is no surprise on my part. Meltdowns occur fairly regularly in my world. I exist in a vicious cycle of feel good then meltdown lol. My latest crisis, well, it would take too long to explain and I’ve already spent the last time whining and commiserating with Amy. With any luck, I’ll have some sort of epiphany and get past my latest roadblock. :hanging:

If you want to know how bad it is, well, yesterday I spent all day at the deer camp putting up treestands with a bunch of beer drinking good ole boys. :drunk: Then went to another good ole boy fest where there was grilled ribeyes and more beer. Then this morning I got up and spent the entire day cleaning my house. Top to bottom. I cleaned shit I haven’t cleaned in over a year. I’ve worked myself into a boneless glob of fatigue in an effort to NOT think about my latest project. At this point Im so desperate for ways of procrastinating and delaying the inevitable that I’m willing to tackle just about anything. :puke:

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go weed all my dead flowers. :enguard:

2 thoughts on “Big Ole Meltdown”

  1. Holly says:

    :beam: Damn GF, I think an intervention is called for, I had to read that over and over, then checked to make sure I hit the right blog??

  2. cathy says:

    Hey, weeding works for me. When I need to escape the insanity inside the house I can be found puttering in the yard. The bigger the weed, the harder I can yank, and oh boy, what a great stress reliever.

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