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Big Deep Ahhh

It’s gorgeous here today. 70 degrees. Bright blue skies. Im so itching to hit the beach and do some fishing :fishing: It’s just as well that the water is still a tad too cold because I have lots more writing to do. Uhm like writing nonstop until May or so :oops:

The good news? Wes’s story Undenied has taken shape and I’m having a lot of fun writing it. This story has undergone some major changes since its inception. I think I’ve ditched no less than a dozen plot lines because none of them felt right. None of them captured the tone and feel that I envisioned for the characters. I should be finished up with this one by early next week. :drunk: I’d say I would take a break and throw a partay but I have two other projects that I’ve been working on that have looming deadlines. So uhm anyway, Im thinking around the end of May or so? I’m gonna have one hell of a throw down. Should be just in time for vacation. :banana:

So anyway, back to Wes. He’s soooo yummy. I lurve him. And his heroine so takes him in hand and knocks him for a loop :lol2: This story wraps up my novella trilogy that began with Understood, and so I’ll be laying these characters to rest. :crying: But then I get to concentrate on some other really yummy stories so I’ll get over it quick :purplelaugh: