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We went to the beach this evening. I was feeling restless and edgy and wanted a little adventure. I wanted to go late and stay to watch the sunset. We’re currently being plagued by seaweed. After driving the beaches on the Bolivar Penisula, we opted to take the ferry across to Galveston and watch the sunset on the ferry ride. We got ice cream in Galveston then rode back and drove home.

It made me anxious for my upcoming trip to California. I’m flying out to see a friend and we’re going to hang out in Carmel and watch a few sunsets with drinks :drunk: I can’t wait. Just a little over a month until I go.

This has been a fantastic writing week. Love it when that happens. And I’m so proud of myself. I love lists and schedules. They make me happy. Which is hilarious because I’m the most disorganized person I know. While I LOVE lists and schedules, I never stick to them. Ever. I love making them because they give me a false sense of organization, but then as soon as I make them, I discard them.

Anyway, I made a writing schedule because I needed to map out my writing time for the rest of the year. I have various commitments and needed to plan accordingly. I actually stuck to the schedule all week and so I jammed on the page count. I love the story I’m working on. It’s fun and I love all the characters. They’ve been so fun to write and hang out with.

One more squee, but the kids start school Monday :banana::rockthefuckon: Nuff said.

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