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I had such a fantastic time in San Francisco. The weather was gorgeous the first couple of days, then was rainy and foggy and then beautiful the last two days. But here’s the thing. I love that rainy, foggy, chilly weather. We were all snuggled up in a house in Sonoma, fire in the fireplace, good food, good company and great conversation. I cannot even tell you how much I needed that time to recharge. It was just splendiferous.

So now Im back home to really gorgeous weather in south Texas. Blue skies, temps in the 80s and flowers blooming freaking everywhere. (So glad Im not sensitive to pollen!)

I worked on Micah while I was gone and I’m loving it so far. His set up is kinda funny and I’m feeling all smug for making so much trouble for him. I also figured out an aspect of the plot that was bugging me for Kelly book 3 (Garrett’s story) and so I hammered it out with the girlfriends over wine and munchies lol. (There are worse ways to sort out your problems)

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  1. Karin says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in San Francisco. Of course, I’m also glad you’re book. :)

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