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August how I do not love thee

But then I can’t imagine anyone in the south who loves August because damn it’s hot! I mean it’s hot all the time, except sometimes we get frigid 40 degree weather in like February or something :hysterical: But in August, the heat turns from just damn hot, to really fucking hot! And uhm my pool is not finished. Why? Well prior to us deciding to put in a pool, it had not rained in like three months. Want to take bets on how much rain we’ve got since they dug the pool? I told my husband it was the equivalent of doing a rain dance in full war paint.

Oh yes, build a pool and it will come. The rain that is.

So we’re behind. Decking is supposed to be laid this week. Plaster week after. Then put lots and lots of water and voila! Pool is ready. That is if it doesn’t rain. Again. As it has for every freaking day for a week.

My back yard looks worse than it did with the last two hurricanes. I can’t wait for it all to be over and then I can go be incurably lazy and flop in the pool. I know, I know, that wasn’t a pretty image. My apologies.

In book news? I finished The Darkest Hour. Well sort of. That was before my husband, the terrorist, read the book and told me in great detail just how badly I’d fucked it up. So now I have a very long list of revisions. And damn it, of course he’s right, because it would have been too easy for me to just roll my eyes and tell him he was out of his mind. No, I sat there very meekly and thought “Kill me now”

So yeah, I’ll be rewriting and also writing the next Desire. Because both books are due like now, or almost now. And I’ll try not to look out at the big hole in my yard and utter profanities.

9 thoughts on “August how I do not love thee”

  1. Armenia says:

    I feel the HEAT, baby. I’m in your neck of the woods and feeling all that humidity, too.:crying: Fam and I are livin’ like bats and we don’t come out until dark. Just like the bats coming out under the bridge in Austin. I have to feel some good coming out of humidity…its good for the complexion.:conscience:

    Stay cool…there’s always the sprinkler in the backyard. :violin:

  2. azteclady says:

    I think you need some cookies.


  3. MichellekCananda says:

    Sorry about your construction lag. Nothing is worst than wanting renovations completed and there is a hold up. (especially when it is not your fault)

    I’m in Canada and we are having the coolest summer ever. We are usually hot hot hot and this year we are so cool. I have a great idea! Come to Canada for a book signing or something to escape the Southern heat! I’m full of great ideas. I have a stack of books you could sign! :lol2:

  4. Greta says:


    I hate August – I am so ready for winter. You are right it is too damned hot for man or beast.

  5. Connie T says:

    I want e–send it over here!!! :crying: Geez, it’s been very cool here all summer. The last 2 weeks have only been in the low 70’s with 50’s in the morning! I want some HOT weather!!!!

    Hope you get your pool soon!

  6. Laura K says:

    You can send some, not a lot mind you, heat here in Chicago. We’ve been having a cold snap. I think we’ll get the heat again in September and October. I virtually stick my finger up in the air to the electric companies and just open up my windows!!

  7. Dani says:

    I’m with you on the heat. I so can not wait until fall or winter. This heat has sucked, toooo damn hot. It’ll be just my luck that this year will be a warm winter. You never know with the weather here in Indy.

    I hope you get your pool soon. And good luck with your rewrite and your deadlines.

  8. Marie says:

    Hi, Maya. Love all your books and I am busy collecting your backlist. However, I just go wild for your “Sweet” series. I have both SS and SP and I am just crazy over them. I cannot wait until you relase the next two. I have a question. Are you planning on ending the series with M/A in ST or are you planning more. No word yet on a book for Conner or anymore. I loved D/S in SP and I am expecially interested to see what they have been up to since we left them last. Thanks, Marie

  9. mikaela says:

    I both love and hate August. I love it since it is warm and sunny. On the other hand I hate it, since it mean that autumn is almost here. September is nice, but October? Burr.

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