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And suddenly

all I have to do is write a book. :fainting: No endless list of things to do, no promo stuff to finish, it’s all done and outta here. This is the first time all year that I only have one project to focus on. No mad rush. No juggling deadlines, edits, conferences etc.

This time last year, I knew I was facing a very busy next twelve months. I had multiple contract obligations, but I had developed a business plan and I was determined to stick to it. That plan has paid off very well, and I’m very pleased with the results. And while I can’t totally relax, a break is certainly deserved, and I plan to take advantage of it.

I’m looking forward to finishing my current book that I’m diving back into because once done, I’ll have a bit of free time. I already have evil plans for how to spend that free time. Yeah, I’ll still be writing, but I’m gonna work on something different. One of those I-can-hardly-restrain-my-glee-over-writing books. I can’t wait! :lol2:

One thought on “And suddenly”

  1. Charlene says:

    Right there with you, Maya! I have a few things to mail out, but otherwise I’m all done, all caught up, and now it’s nothing but the book.

    After which more edits will arrive, but until then, I’m just writing this book! :rockthefuckon:

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